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Weebly - Responsive Web Design Software Review

Wondering how to create a website that will promote your business, advertise your product or allow fans, customers or even friends to find you? Nowadays, it's not enough to just build a basic website if you really want to get results from the time and money that you invest in website design.

More people than ever are using their mobile devices to search the Internet, making it vital that you consider responsive design. Simply put, a responsive website is one that will display as a mobile friendly website on a tablet or a smartphone but still look great on a laptop or desktop computer. Fortunately, it's easy to create a mobile website with responsive design with the help of Weebly. Read on for a full review of the features of this mobile website builder.

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Some of the basic features of the website builder include

- Ease of Use. Weebly really makes mobile website design simple. With the service, you simply select a template and a page layout that you like and then utilize the drag and drop interface to get all of the components of your website in place like text, images, maps, and videos (text is edited just like in a word processor). Anyone at any skill level can build a fully-functional website using Weebly.

Weebly Website Builder features

- Customisation. There are hundreds of templates available in the Weebly library, so you can easily find one that is conducive to your needs. The service allows you to make a number of changes to the template to match your brand and suit your exact needs. These changes include the colour scheme of the website, or the font etc. You can also change the layout and functionality when customising a Weebly template. Generally, basic customisation can be achieved by changing the settings in the Weebly dashboard. For advanced customisation you will need some basic coding knowledge.

Weebly Website Builder Themes

- Management. Editing your website after it's published is an extremely easy process. Simply log in, make your changes in the editor and publish your website again. Any changes you've made to your website will immediately appear on the live site after you press the publish button. With any version of Weebly, you get access to basic stats to help you monitor site performance. With the paid packages, there are more advanced stats available. Website analytics include how many people visited your website, which pages they visited, what search terms they used to find your site, and which websites referred traffic to your site. Your website stats are calculated in real-time so you can keep a close eye on your data and traffic patterns.

Weebly Website Builder Statistics

- Customer Service. Compared to other mobile website builder services, Weebly truly has excellent customer support. The service has a complete Support Centre where you can find a number of articles on common problems, questions and concerns. If you need more advanced help, you can submit a ticket to the technical support team and get a response rather quickly, and there is a phone number to a call centre available for immediate assistance.

- Cost. Weebly really stand outs from the competition in the mobile website builder niche in terms of cost. You can create a basic mobile friendly website and host it on Weebly's servers for free with the basic version of the service. If you want to have your own domain name, you can choose the Starter package, which costs just $8 per month and includes a $100 Google advertising credit. For added features like multimedia functionality, an enhanced site search and password protection for users, you can choose the Pro version, which costs $12 per month. If you need a complete e-commerce package, the Business version will meet your needs and only costs $25 per month.

Summary of the Pros of Weebly for Responsive Web Design

Some of the top benefits of choosing Weebly for making a responsive website include:

- Very Easy to Use Interface. Overall, Weebly is one of the easiest to use website builder options out there. All of the basic components of a mobile website can be put together simply by dragging and dropping. Even if you've never made a website before, you can get one finished and launched within an hour or less.

- Fully Responsive Functionality. With Weebly, you're not limited to certain templates if you want to make a responsive mobile website, separating it from other mobile website builder options, which typically have only a limited number of templates. Every single template available on the website builder interface is already responsive, so it will display perfectly on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

- Many Built-in Starters. There are more than 40 page layouts preloaded in Weebly to get you started creating your website. This is a lot more than what's offered by most mobile website design tools. As a result, you really can make a mobile website for almost any purpose using the responsive website builder.

Summary of the Cons of Weebly for Responsive Web Design

There are a few disadvantages to choosing Weebly for making a responsive website that you should be aware of, including:

- Very Basic Designs. If you're looking to find out how to create a website with advanced features that will display properly on a mobile phone, Weebly may not be the best choice. The templates that are offered with the website builder are attractive, but they don't allow for enhanced features like parallax scrolling, adding video players in the background or incorporating eye-catching page transitions. There are other mobile website builders that offer these types of features that may be a better fit for some users.

- Limited Customisation Abilities for Beginners. The ways that you can alter a template to create a unique mobile friendly website are limited with Weebly. The website builder interface allows you to change things like the type of the font and the colour scheme, but you can't make other modifications to the layout or design unless you know how to code.

- Blog Functionality Is Basic. If a blog will be an important part of your responsive website, you may find that Weebly limits your readers' ability to use your site, as it does not allow for some functions possible with other websites, such as highlighting certain posts or displaying popular or recent posts with a tap on the screen.

A Brief Look at Weebly

Overall Summary

Overall, you really can't find a simpler tool for responsive web design than Weebly. The mobile friendly website designer is perfect for anyone whose needs can be met with a straightforward, standard website, and those who have coding experience can create very unique websites with the service. The pricing of the website builder makes it even more appealing, as you really can't beat the value that Weebly provides for the money.

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