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TopCashback Review - Coupons and Cashback Rebate Rewards

Do you frequently shop online? If so, TopCashback can help you save money on the things you buy every day by allowing you to earn a percentage of your money back. Therefore, every time you shop through TopCashback you'll earn rebates which can quickly add up into large cash back rewards.

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So What Exactly is TopCashback?

TopCashback is a website and mobile app for both Android and iOS that allows you to earn cash back when you shop in-store as well as online. You get a percentage of your purchase returned to you as a cash back rebate, just by shopping through one of of their 3500 plus merchants. This is similar to using a coupon, but all of the money earned after you have made your purchase has been tracked.

Cashback sites are set up to get commission from the retailers that they work with. They do this in exchange for the sites directing potential consumers to their websites. Many cashback sites will give you only a portion of that commission back to you, but TopCashback is committed to being the only cashback site that gives you back 100% of the commission, making them one of the highest paying cashback sites out there.

Using TopCashback

In order to use TopCashback, you must first go to their website, or their Android or iOS app if you like to do your shopping on the go! On the site, you will see a "free to join" section on the right hand side. Fill in your information, create a password and you are good to go. After you have completed the required fields, you will be taken to the account overview screen.

Once you have created your account, simply sign in before making any purchases and use their link to find the store you want to shop with. By doing this, you will be getting money back on each purchase you make, no matter what it is. If TopCashback offers it, you've just saved money, the rebate you will receive is clearly stated, quite often along with more than one way you can save. With TopCashback you can shop for anything from vitamins, getting a new mobile service, booking a vacation or apparel shopping. The list goes on and on.

TopCashback also offer numerous exclusive coupon codes that can help you save even more money! You can even use them in conjunction with cashback offers to get twice the savings every time you buy. As well as coupon codes, TopCashback also offer printable coupons which will save you money when you buy in-store items. You can simply click to print off your coupon and present it when you make your purchase. Alternatively, you can show the coupon on your mobile app.


Another way to increase your earnings is by referring friends to sign up using your specific refer-a-friend code or URL. Promote TopCashback via a blog, social media, YouTube channel or even send out invites via email. Then keep track of your referrals all from the dashboard found on your account page. The refer-a-friend referral bonus is usually a $10 bonus but this can vary, and it has been known to be as high as $29 for every referral. In order for you to receive your refer-a-friend bonus your referrals must first earn a minimum of $10 cash back.

A standard referral program usually works both ways and consists of your friend also receiving a bonus, resulting in a win-win situation for you and your referrals. Unfortunately, with TopCashback this is not usually the case, that said, this can also vary. They will occasionally have a limited time promotion, in which your referrals will also receive a $10 bonus or more!

How Do Payments Work?

After you have made a purchase through the link, the retailer will tell TopCashback that you have completed your order. Shortly after, you should see the Pending Purchase on your Dashboard, indicating that it has been received. When the orders have been confirmed, the dollar amount beneath the Pending Purchase will shift to where it says Confirmed. From there, when the check is ready, it will move to the Payable section for cashing out.

With the monetary amount under the Payable section, you can pay yourself at your discretion. Simply choose the Payout option and follow the instructions. Payments can be received via American Express Reward Card (US mailing address required), ACH (US bank account required), PayPal, Gap or Gift Card. It's worth noting that if use an American Express Reward Card or Amazon gift card as your payment option you will receive an extra 3% back. This is because both AmEx and Amazon pay a 3% commission on gift card purchases and TopCashback gives that commission to you.

Benefits of TopCashback

TopCashback offers a number of benefits, including:

- Earning is simple. There is no need to provide proof of purchase with TopCashback. All you have to do is shop as you normally would, except just do it through the TopCashback website while signed into your account. The merchant does the hard work for you by letting TopCashback know that you have completed the purchase.

- Know right away what you'll save. When you click on the site you want to shop from, it will tell you straight away how much you can save, and sometimes it will even break it down and show you in multiple areas what you can save.

Drawbacks of TopCashback

There are a few disadvantages to using TopCashback, including:

- Availability. It's unlikely that every retailer that you use when you normally shop online is going to be compatible with the TopCashback site. But, with over 3,500 merchants to choose from, it should be easy enough to find several of the shops you love!

- Sign up bonus. Unlike many cashback programs, TopCashback does not offer any form of bonus once you redeem your first rebate or earn a specific amount of cash back. That said, sign up bonuses are occasionally offered with limited time promotions.


Shopping at TopCashback is an easy, trustworthy way to receive money back on the things you purchase. It requires nothing additional from you except signing into their website and accessing your shopping sites through their links instead of using a search engine to complete the task. It's a quick and simple free service dedicated to saving you money through the use of coupon codes and rebates. All that they ask of you is to go through their site to do your normal shopping, and the rest is taken care of. Making TopCashback one of the best cashback sites on the market!

Visit TopCashback

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