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Strikingly - Responsive Web Design Software Review

Trying to figure out how to create a website that customers can use equally well on their computers and their mobile devices? Today, it's important not just to have a website but also to ensure that you have a responsive design that looks and works perfectly on any type of device or computer. Strikingly is a mobile website design program used to make single-page responsive websites with continuous scrolling. The website builder makes it easy to create a one-page website with a responsive design even if you've never made a website before. One-page websites have become very popular in the last couple of years, and by focusing solely on one-page websites, Strikingly has become the best in the business.

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Here is a look at some of the key aspects of the website builder

- Ease Of Use. You can set up a Strikingly website in an hour or less and being limited to a single page does not limit you in terms of design or content. You simply pick a theme and fill in the content to make it your own. There is never a need to code, and editing is very intuitive. You only need to click on the items that you want to change and rearrange, thanks to the editor’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Strikingly Website Builder features

- Customisation. With Strikingly, there are numerous beautiful responsive themes to choose from, which can be edited to suit your needs. Your site will be broken into sections instead of pages. You can add, delete, and edit sections which include text, images, etc. As well as add a number of features like a blog, a store, sign up forms, social media feed and more. Strikingly also give you the option to customize HTML, CSS and JavaScript, offering more customisable freedom to more experienced users with programming and coding knowledge.

Strikingly Website Builder Themes

- Management. Strikingly have made publishing your website an extremely easy process, by simply clicking the Publish button in the site editor. Once published, you can edit your site at any time and click the publish button again for your changes to go live. There is also basic analytical information provided for monitoring traffic information including visits, referrers, countries, and mobile traffic.

- Customer Service. With a knowledge base that includes more than 160 articles, Strikingly provides a wealth of information to help users trouble shoot sites and make the most of the software. There is also an Idea Forum to get help from other users. The only downside to the customer support is that there is no phone number to call for help. The only way to get in touch with Strikingly is to fill out an online form.

- Cost. Strikingly is one of the most affordable software services for creating responsive web design. There is a completely free version that includes a domain with 5 gigabytes of bandwidth per month and a single product online store. By upgrading to the Limited Plan, users can create two limited sites with up to 50 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth and an unlimited number of free sites. Available at a cost of $8 per month billed annually, the Limited Plan includes support for a custom domain and an online store with up to 5 products per site. For the full version, users pay $16 per month billed annually for the Pro plan. Pro sites have unlimited bandwidth, and users can have up to three as well as unlimited free sites. There are a number of enhanced features with the Pro version, including a store with up to 20 products per site, expanded action buttons and the ability to add CSS, Java or HTML coding.

Summary of the Pros of Strikingly for Responsive Web Design

Some of the top benefits of choosing Strikingly for making a responsive website include:

- Simplicity. Strikingly is one of the easiest mobile website design programs to use. The editor controls are very simple, so you can quickly learn as you use the program. There is no need at all to use coding, and editing is as easy as clicking on the object that you want to change. Even publishing the responsive website at the end is as easy as making a single click.

- Automatic Responsive Web Design. You don't need to do anything extra to make a mobile website with Strikingly. All of the templates are mobile friendly for ease of use.

- Plenty of Support. Strikingly has one of the best knowledge bases available for customer support. You can find an answer to almost every question on your own any time of the day.

- Value. Considering what you get with Strikingly, the cost of the mobile website builder is almost unbelievable. You won't find a mobile website design program that is a better value than Strikingly anywhere else.

- Mobile App. As of July 2017 you can create, edit, publish, and manage your website on the go with Strikingly's new mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Summary of the Cons of Strikingly for Responsive Web Design

There are a few disadvantages to choosing Strikingly for making a responsive website that you should be aware of, including:

- Branding. One of the biggest negative differences between Strikingly and other website builder products is that you can only remove the Strikingly branding from a website made with the service if you purchase the Pro plan. With most other programs, branding can be removed when you upgrade to any pay account. Some businesses may not want to have the Strikingly logo featured on their site, making the website builder less than desirable.

- Limitations on Site Style. With Strikingly, it is only possible to make a one-page mobile friendly website. For many businesses, this may be the ideal setup; however, others may need to choose a mobile website design program with more flexibility.

- Basic SEO Features. Search engine optimization is vital for driving traffic to a mobile friendly website. With Strikingly, you do get the benefits of some very basic SEO, but the website builder does not have advanced support for SEO like some others. Also, the one-page responsive design is not always the best choice for SEO optimization.

- Difficulty Using Existing URLs. From testing and other reviews, it seems that it is either very hard or impossible to use an existing URL with Strikingly. Those who already have a domain name are advised to contact Strikingly support before purchasing a subscription.

A Brief Look at Strikingly

Overall Summary

For business owners looking to find out how to create a website that is responsive and able to be viewed equally on a desktop, as well as mobile devices, Strikingly provides a simple, cost-effective, straightforward solution. Any business owner whose needs can be met with a one-page mobile site should choose strikingly, as they are simply the best in the business.

If you're still unsure whether Strikingly is the right choice for you, they offer a 14 day free trial for every one of their plans, this will enable you get a pretty good idea of whether or not Srikingly suits all your needs, before you fully commit.

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