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Qfuse - Mobile Website Builder Review

Many businesses today think about online marketing and offline marketing as two separate entities, but it's no longer necessary to keep the two separate. With near field communication (NFC) technology and quick response (QR) codes, it's now possible to integrate your online and offline marketing into a single campaign. QR codes make it possible for users to scan a specially designed bar code placed on a poster, pamphlet, mailer, brochure, TV screen or business card to be directed to a landing page. NFC technology also allows you to connect in-person advertising with online advertising but by placing a smartphone near an NFC compatible device. In other words, enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a mobile device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them together with a simple "tap" or within around 4cm of each other.

If you're wondering how to create a website that you can make accessible via QR codes or NFC technology, Qfuse is the mobile site builder for your business! Read on to learn more about its features, benefits and drawbacks.

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- Ease of Use. Even if you have never used a website builder before, Qfuse will allow you to get your new mobile website up and running quickly. The mobile website builder has a simple interface that allows you to click buttons to add, edit, reposition and arrange items on your screen. You can get graphics and text added in no time at all, and you don't need any prior knowledge of programming or mobile web design to create a professional looking mobile website with the program. In fact at times, the dashboard appears to be too straightforward, which may not appeal to more experienced users with programming and coding knowledge.

DudaMobile Website Builder features Design

- Customisation. Like the majority of mobile website builders, Qfuse allows you to make a number of changes to match your brand and suit your exact needs. These changes include the colour, font, etc. With Qfuse, making changes to the layout of the page is also extremely simple. As you begin to customise your site, you can check it in real-time, and see how it will look when published, in a preview window. While Qfuse doesn't have all of the templates and customisation options that some other mobile website builders offer, you can add some enhanced functionalities. You can set up social media sharing, click to call or message functionality, V-cards, turn-by-turn navigation, mobile fundraising and email sign-ups to your site.

DudaMobile Website Builder features Design

- Management. Once you have your mobile website launched, the Qfuse Dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your QR codes, NFC tags and your websites. The dashboard allows you to easily modify things and make changes and to view statistical information. Qfuse Offer some of the most advanced analytics features of all the mobile website builders, in order for you to track your campaigns over time. Allowing you to compare data on a month-to-month basis, view interactive chart and graphs, and much more.

- Customer Service. Qfuse is customer friendly. If you encounter a problem or have a question, you can contact the company through their online help form, call them on the phone or send them an email directly. The mobile website builder is used by a number of top companies, including Best Buy and Pepsi, so you can be confident that they provide good support when it's needed.

- Cost. Qfuse offers a free plan that allows for 100 visits, QR scans and NFC taps. With the free plan, you're limited to one website with a QR code, NFC tag and a maximum of one page. For businesses that anticipate a higher volume of traffic, the Standard Plan is available. The cost is $12 per month for each site that you set up. The Standard plan is limited to a three page mobile website with a QR code and NFC tag with up to 1500 taps, scans and visits. To get an unlimited number of pages, monthly taps, scans and visits, you can opt for the Pro Plan, which costs $50 per month. Upgrading to this plan allows you to create up to five sites with QR codes and NFC tags. If you will need more websites than five, you can get a Partner Enterprise account. Costs for this plan vary, and Qfuse will provide you with a custom quote that details the cost.

Summary of the Pros of Qfuse for Mobile Web Design

Some of the top benefits of choosing Qfuse to build a mobile website include:

- Simplicity. Using Qfuse is relatively straightforward, so most people will be able to use the website builder without any problem. You don't have to know anything about coding to create a mobile website and connect it to a QR code or NFC technology with Qfuse.

- In-Depth Analytics. Qfuse provides a truly in-depth analysis of site statistics when you opt for the Standard or Pro plan. The information that the mobile website builder provides can help you see which marketing campaigns have been the most successful to you, so that you can maximize your return on investment in advertising in the future.

- QR codes and NFC Technology. While a small number of other mobile website design platforms give you the ability to create a QR code, the service is usually an advanced feature. Qfuse is unique in that QR codes and NFC compatibility are standard features with every plan. This sets Qfuse apart from others on the market.

Summary of the Cons of Qfuse for Mobile Web Design

Some of the drawbacks of choosing Qfuse to build a mobile website include:

- Intro Plans Are Limited. Most businesses will not find the free plan to be suitable for their needs based on the very low number of scans and clicks and the size limit on the website. The Standard plan will work for more businesses, but its features are still limited.

- Cost for Pro Plan. While the Pro plan can nicely fit the needs of most businesses, the price tag of $50 per month may be too steep for some company's marketing budgets. Companies may find that they would benefit from something between the Standard and Pro plans and may not need all the features of the more expensive plan; however, no such option exists.

- Conversion Is Not Supported. Probably the biggest drawback with Qfuse, is you have to make your mobile site from scratch. You cannot take your existing site and turn it into a mobile website accessible with a QR code or NFC technology. This may be inconvenient for companies that are already up and running with a website.

A Brief Look at Qfuse


Qfuse is an excellent choice of website builder for businesses that want to enrich their marketing efforts with full-scale QR code or NFC technology. The ability to integrate these technologies, along with powerful analytics, separates this mobile website builder from others on the market. If you're not looking to market in this way, however, Qfuse is probably not the best choice of platform to build your mobile website on, as its primary appeal is the QR code and NFC functionality. Should you decide to use the service to create a mobile friendly website, you'll be able to get your site off the ground and launch your marketing campaign in no time.

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