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PlayHit Turns Songs and Lyrics into Instant Messages

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If you are looking for a fun and free new keyboard app to make your instant messaging (IM) conversations really sing, I recommend you check out PlayHit. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it enables users to create and share song clips with friends on all your favourite messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. In fact, PlayHit works on any messaging platform, including dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which makes it a great ice breaker!

Download PlayHit   iOS - Android

What is PlayHit and how does it work?

PlayHit works as a secondary keyboard in the same way as popular emoji and GIF apps, with the same set up process that takes about ten seconds to complete through your phone’s settings app. There is even a useful five step setup guide and video tutorial on the main screen you see after the app has loaded. Where PlayHit gets truly innovative is when you select the ‘personalise my keyboard’ option.

After you have downloaded the app, you can access any song in your mobile music library and ‘trim’ a song clip, before naming and saving it to the cloud-based PlayHit library. The average clip is about 12 seconds long and only takes a few touches to create. It took me less than a minute to search for “Hey Ya” (yes that song is still on my iPhone), trim it to the catchy hook section and save it for future use. Once saved, it becomes immediately available to every PlayHit user on their IM keyboard.

While chatting away, the app serves up recommended song clips and lets you instantly preview options that match the words typed in your message. When I started typing “Hello”, I had the options to preview and select song clips from Adele, Lionel Ritchie and even Nirvana. I can foresee a situation where I would want to use a different song clip, just like you would with a GIF or meme that felt right in that moment.

Playhit Screenshot

PlayHit moves the experience of texting beyond words and images

The GIF may be as popular as ever, but it has been around for 30 years now. PlayHit moves the experience of texting friends beyond words and images for the first time. It’s cool to see the keyboard app react in real-time to the words I was typing, turning them into music.

The result is a more immersive chatting experience with your friends, who don’t need to own the PlayHit app to listen to the shared song clips. Once users sample this fun and creative instant messaging tool, I can see how it will quickly become part of their daily texting routine. The ability to communicate through your favourite music artists is a powerful and untapped new way to incorporate favourite song lyrics into daily conversations.

The popularity of keyboard apps has been booming since September 2014, when Apple launched iOS 8. It allowed users to replace the default iOS keyboard with third party apps. PlayHit has taken advantage of a key iOS 11 feature that allows developers to access and play FLAC audio files. I tried multiple music files downloaded to my music library and PlayHit was able to play all of them.

From a music industry perspective, the technology that PlayHit has introduced carries the disruptive potential to change the way musicians share their work. Artists that incorporate song samples can edit down songs and share audio ideas in seconds. Popular recording artists now have the opportunity to run message app marketing campaigns that include song teasers.

The combination of music and social communication is a hot space to be in right now. The launch of PlayHit follows hot on the heels of, a Chinese social video app, which was acquired for reportedly close to $1 billion dollars. PlayHit definitely has the potential to be the new kids on the block that everyone is talking about.

Download PlayHit   iOS - Android

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