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How to get Paid Apps for Free and Great App Deals

Developers are constantly looking for ways to increase their app’s visibility. App stores like Google Play, the iOS App Store and other big names, make this possible by offering developers the opportunity to put their application on sale. Therefore, everyday literally thousands of paid apps drop in price, or are often free for a short period of time only. This page consists of the apps and websites dedicated to locating these app deals, so you don't have to. Armed with the following list you won't miss a single free paid app or app sale.

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Amazon: Special Discounts

Amazon Special Discounts Free Apps Icon

Did you know that Amazon showcase all the apps on sale in their app store on a daily basis? Like Google Play and iTunes, Amazon also have hundreds of apps that drop in price every day, and they can all be located in one place, the Amazon Special Discounts page. Developers are always on the lookout for ways to increase their app’s visibility, and like all major app stores, Amazon offer developers the opportunity to put their application on sale. Developers may only drop the price in the app store they believe will be most beneficial to their application. So you may find what's not on sale in one app store, is on sale in another. Therefore, it's always worth checking each app store for the best deals, and Amazon is a great place to start.


AppSales Free Apps Icon

AppSales track all the sales that occur in the Google Play Store. The app consists of a list of apps, buy tapping an app you can either purchase the app or add it to your watch list, this will enable you to keep track of an app, and wait for another price drop. AppSales also allows you to check the price history of an app. By looking at the price history, you're able to see how many times a particular app has been on sale over a period of time, and wether it's worth adding to your watch list. AppSales settings can be changed in a number of different ways, you can change the discount percentage, e.g. if you set it to a 90% discount you'll see a lot less apps. Choose app and game categories, how often you're notified of app sales on your watch list and more. AppSales also offer a great website.


AppDeals Free Apps Icon

Yet another application for locating free and discounted apps for Android device users is AppDeals. AppDeals claim to search 50,000 apps every hour to make sure you receive hourly updates of only the best app sales, and deals in the Google Play Store. With this application you can search from the AppDeals database of over 100,000 of the top apps. And similar to AppSales you can analyse price changes and add an app to your watch list, enabling you to keep track of your favourite apps, and receive updates of any change in price, via notification. Despite their claim to search 50,000 apps every hour, and the 100,000+ database of top apps, there's still the odd missed Play Store bargain. But, all in all, this is still a great app for uncovering deals.

Hungry For Apps

Hungry For Apps Free Apps Icon

Hungry For Apps have a very wide range of apps catering for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac Apps. On visiting their website you're greeted with page after page of free and discounted apps and games, covering all categories, for all devices. In the top right-hand corner of their website you can search for a particular app or game, or click menu and filter the search down to apps or games of your choice. When you've found an app you want to download, you will need to fill out two fields, your email address, and your preferred platform. You will then be taken to the platform of your choice to download your application. You will have also successfully become a member of their family and subscribed to their newsletter (a small price to pay for a free app).


Appiday Free Apps Icon

Everyday, the App Store put thousands of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale, and often free for a short period of time only. And everyday AppiDay hand pick the best discounted and free paid apps to save you time and money. Reading comments and analysing ratings, manually researching hundreds of applications, to find what they believe to be the best free apps and app sales of the day. As a result, AppiDay provides you with two lists on a daily basis, one with the best free and discounted apps and games for iPhone, and one with the best free and discounted apps and games for iPad. Their app also offers some handy features, like a push notification system and keep track of your preferred lists. AppiDay also offer AppiDay EU for the best deals in the European app store, and a website.


AppShopper Free Apps Icon

After having there application removed on the basis that it was displaying apps in a way that was ‘similar to or confusing with the App Store’. AppShopper returned to the App Store in 2013 with a new name, AppShopper Social, and a new strategy, adding a social aspect. Instead of opening the app to a list of apps, you follow the AppShopper account, one of several curated lists ready at launch. You can also follow other users and discover lists of apps that people use or recommend. Their app offers features like, see what apps your friends are tracking and share app interests. AppShopper also offer a website (without the social aspect). Both AppShopper's app and website are very popular and great for discovering paid apps for free and app deals from the App Store.

Daily Free Apps

Daily Free Apps Icon

Daily Free Apps search the App Store and other free app sources for app discounts and deals for iOS device users, only selecting the very best apps (usually between 5 and 20) for you to choose from. They will then notify you daily of their most recent discoveries. There is also an option to search through their "previous" section, enabling you to uncover even more free apps and deals. Daily Free Apps features include, see when the deal went live, and a timer to see how much time is left before the deal runs out. Although Daily Free Apps does have less features than some of the other apps featured on this page, it's still a great application for discovering paid apps for free and app sales.

Free App Magic

Free App Magic Free Apps Icon

Catering for iOS device users only, Free App Magic is an application that showcases three new iOS apps per day that are being offered free for 24 hours in the App Store. Like all of the apps and websites on this list, Free App Magic locate the best apps from all popular application categories. You may not always find something you want, but you will occasionally come across the odd keeper, and as a bonus Free App Magic give you your very own piggy bank that will let you know how much money you’ve saved. Other features include, fireworks which make discovering apps explosive fun (according to them), and sharing tools enabling you to show off your discoveries. Free App magic only informs you of free apps, not discounted, so it's worth checking out.

Let Us Know

If you own an application or website similar to the above, and would like to be featured on this page, send us your details and we'll happily add you to our list. If you use any of these apps or websites, or know of any alternatives to help discover great app deals. Please let us know in the comments.

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