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Mr. Rebates Review - Coupons and Cashback Rebate Rewards

Did you know that if you shop online you can receive a substantial amount of your money back? Through the use of cash back rebates, you can earn money back on every purchase you make simply by going through cash back sites like Mr. Rebates to complete your shopping. Along with coupons and special features that allow you to take advantage of all of the hottest deals online and in-store.

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What is Mr. Rebates?

Mr. Rebates is a cashback website that has been around since 2002. They have over 2,500 stores available to choose from, awarding thousands of members cash back every day. Of course, this begs the question--how does Mr. Rebates make it possible to give their consumers cash back from so many online shops? The answer lies in the commission that the stores on Mr. Rebates pay them with each sale that is completed. Many shopping-based sites will keep that commission, but Mr. Rebates delivers the majority of it to the shopper. Along with this, Mr. Rebates sends their shoppers online coupons and discounts to make their shopping experience with Mr. Rebates fun and cost effective.

Using Mr. Rebates

The first thing you need to do is register with Mr. Rebates. You can access Mr. Rebates via their website or on your mobile device with an easy-to-use, responsive mobile website that's optimised for any smart device. The rebate site has also recently introduced an application for both Android and iOS. Once you have registered, it will log you in automatically. After this initial login, make sure that you login each time you use the site.

When logged in, you can shop at any of the 2,500 plus stores available by simply clicking Stores in the top left-hand corner and browse by category through the drop down bar, clicking All Stores in the drop down bar will enable you to search an alphabetical list of stores, or you can opt to search for an individual store of your preference or even a specific product by typing its name into the search field in the top right-hand corner.

When you have selected the cash back store of your choice, complete the purchase in the same window/click session to be sure you are getting your rebate. If you stray away to surf or look at other discounts after clicking through to the store, the rebate can be lost. It is imperative you make your purchase in the same session for this reason. Please note, if you wish to make multiple purchases you will need to click back through Mr. Rebates for each individual purchase in order to get the cash back.


Mr. Rebates has one of the most lucrative referral programs of all current cashback sites. They give you a unique link which you can forward to friends or promote on social media. When someone uses your link to sign up with Mr. Rebates, you are given a 20% bonus of the cash back they earn from their online shopping. So long as they earn, you earn.

This makes Mr. Rebates different because most other cashback websites will just give you a flat $5 or $10 for everyone who signs up and earns the required amount for your referral reward, whereas Mr. Rebates lets you earn more money over the account's lifetime. What's more, Mr. Rebates also offer a $5 sign up bonus after your first purchase. It's worth noting that you don't have to use a referral link to receive the sign up bonus.

How Do Payments Work?

To get a cash back rebate, all you have to do is click the store you want to shop through and finalise your purchase in that same web session. Your click-through from the Mr. Rebates site activates a code with the online store which will ensure that you are given that rebate. So long as you've clicked the link to one of their merchants through the Mr. Rebates site and you are logged into your member profile, Mr. Rebates and the online store take care of the rest. Requiring no proof of purchase on the users behalf.

When you check out, you will notice that the rebate doesn't immediately appear in you account. Rebates will usually be credited to your Mr. Rebates account within 3 to 5 business days, though the wait time may vary as some retailers only report once a month, which means it may take up to 30 days for a rebate to show up in your balance. You will get a confirmation email when it has been credited. Once there is at least $10 in the Available Rebates section of the account, you can request a check or cash out via PayPal.

Benefits of Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates offers a number of benefits, including:

- Store of the Week. The Store of the Week section offers a temporary increase in the cash back percentage. It offers as much as three to four times your cash back and includes some well established popular retailers.

- Coupons codes. As well as cashback deals, Mr. Rebates have thousands of coupon codes available. All of the coupon codes listed on Mr. Rebates can be used in conjunction with their cashback deals.

- Stacking. Mr. Rebates will allow you to stack your cash back rewards with your credit card’s cash back benefits. This means that if Mr. Rebates offers you 4% cash back at a specific merchant, and your credit card offers 6% cash back for online purchases, you will earn 10% total cash back. This combined with a coupon code will save you even more.

Drawbacks of Mr. Rebates

There are a few disadvantages to using Mr. Rebates, including:

- Receiving your rebate. On average, rebates get credited within 3 to 5 business days (sometimes earlier) from the order date or the shipping date. However, it can take up to 30 days after the order date for Mr. Rebates to receive confirmation of the purchase or that an offer has been completed.

- Multiple purchases. If you wish to make multiple purchases you will need to click back through Mr. Rebates for each individual purchase in order for you to receive your cash back.


Really, using Mr. Rebates is a very simple way to get more money back on the purchases you are already making online. Simply go through their website and access the store you want to shop from and make your order complete. By using Mr. Rebates referral program you can also receive 20 percent of the commission from everyone who uses the site and signs up through your link for the entire lifetime of their account. While it can take up to 30 business days to receive the rebate, you are able to stack the rewards to create a larger pay out, which makes it totally worth the wait.

Visit Mr. Rebates

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