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Mobincube App Maker Review

Wondering how to make an app to support your business or to make money with a great idea? Even if you have no previous experience using app development software, it's possible to make your own app in very little time using Mobincube. This app design service has already been used to publish over 125,000 apps to date. Mobincube has also generated more than $2 million in revenues for individuals who used the service to make an app. This is because you can actually make money by creating an app with Mobincube! Apps built with Mobincube will display 3rd party ads that will generate revenue – and you keep 70% of it. If you prefer to make apps without advertising, you can subscribe to one of the premium plans. Read on to learn more about the features, benefits and drawbacks of this app development software.

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Here is a look at some of the key features of the app maker:

- Initial Setup. Getting an app launched on Mobincube is very easy. You simply add screens (pages) to your app and add elements (pictures, texts, videos, etc) to each screen. If you don’t know where to start, you can use their step-by-step 100% customisable templates. Simply follow the onscreen steps, and you can have everything set up in no time. Elements are moved through a drag and drop interface, and you do not need to have any coding experience to create a professional looking app.

Mobincube App Maker Setup Image

- Customisation. Unlike many other app design programs for those with no experience, Mobincube allows for a high degree of customisation. You can design any type of app with the program, and you can fine-tune the look of the app to avoid that cookie cutter look that is all too common with other app maker programs. Mobincube also allows advanced users with coding skills to add their own pieces of HTML/JavaScript code in order to increase the functionality of the app.

- Monetisation. With Mobincube you can integrate a shopping cart and PayPal with your app in order to support in-app purchases. All apps created with Mobincube also have the Mobincube ad network integrated, from which you'll receive 70% of all revenue received. You only have to activate the service in order to monetise your app. It's worth noting that with Mobincube's free plan ads are automatically activated, and cannot be deactivated without purchasing a premium plan. Revenue earned from Mobincube ads is paid via PayPal.

- Publishing. Like nearly all app makers, publishing your app with Mobincube is extremely easy. You simply click on the 'My Apps' section, select the app you want to publish, click on 'Publish' and follow some basic instructions. You can publish your finished app to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Amazon Kindle. This will ensure maximum distribution for your app.

- Management. Managing and updating your app is as easy as creating it with Mobincube. Their dashboard allows you to make quick changes within a matter of minutes. All premium accounts offer app store optimization (ASO) to help your app rank higher in search results. Google Analytics is offered with the Advanced, Pro and Reseller plans to help you monitor the performance of your app online.

- Customer Service. Mobincube has a huge resource area that allows you to find answers to many questions without having to contact customer service; however, it is a little hard to find out how to contact a live person if you need help. The quickest route to getting answers is the online forum, where you can get assistance from customer service and other users.

- Cost. Like many programs that allow you to make an app, Mobincube offers a Starter account that is free of charge. With it, you can make an unlimited number of apps and get unlimited storage space with 500,000 push notifications per month. The Standard account costs $9.99 (billed annually) , $12.99/mo (billed quarterly) and $14.99/mo (billed monthly) and doubles the number of push notifications you get. With this account, you get a 40MB ads-free app limit and receive store optimization services plus cloud storage. Upgrade to the Advanced account for $19.99/mo (billed annually) , $24.99/mo (billed quarterly) and $29.99/mo (billed monthly) to get 3 million push notifications, 100MB of ads-free space, Google Analytics support and CleverTap notification support. At the top of the menu of services is the Reseller account for individuals who want their own private brand. The cost of this account is $99.99/mo (billed annually), $129.99/mo (billed quarterly) and $149.99/mo (billed monthly).

Summary of the Pros of Choosing Mobincube as an App Maker:

- Nice Free Account Offerings. The free starter account for Mobincube is a good way to begin with app design. Unlike many other services that allow you to make an app, Mobincube makes all of the design features of their app development software available to free accounts and puts no limit on the number of apps that you can make. You will have ads being delivered to your users, however, this will be beneficial to some developers.

- Unlimited Storage. All accounts receive unlimited storage so you can create as many apps as you want (with ads). That's a huge advantage over other app maker software programs that limit your storage even if they don't limit the number of apps that you can make.

- Multi-Platform Compatibility. Mobincube supports not just iOS and Android but also Windows Phone. Many other app design software programs only allow you to make an app for iOS or Android. Those that do support Windows Phone often limit access to more expensive account price points, but Mobincube makes it accessible to everyone.

Summary of the Cons of Choosing Mobincube as an App Maker:

- Limits on Push Notifications. Instead of limiting storage space, Mobincube restricts usage and saves on costs by restricting the number of push notifications that your app can get. As a result, many users may find that they need to progress to more expensive accounts as their apps grow in popularity. This may not be much of a concern, though, as revenues from apps would be increasing along the way as well.

- Limited Analytics. As a free or standard user, you will not really have the ability to monitor the performance of your app. This may be fine for newbies who are learning how to make an app for the first time, but if you want to make app design a true career, you'll need a more expensive account with enhanced Google Analytics.

What You Can Create With Mobincube

Overall Summary

For individuals who have no previous experience with coding or app design, Mobincube is an excellent solution. You can start with a free account to make your own app and publish it online with ease. As your app becomes more popular or your number of apps increases, you will likely need to move to one of their premium plans; however, the affordable pricing and unlimited storage offered by Mobincube still makes it an excellent choice among competitors in the app development software space.

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