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MintCoins App - How to Make Money and Gift Cards

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Apps that pay you for doing different tasks are rapidly growing in popularity, and while a lot of these money making apps turn out to not be all that profitable, a small number really do let you earn PayPal cash and free gift cards. MintCoins is one of those apps to make money, and you can become one of the many people using the app to make money online. So if you want to get started right away, simply visit MintCoins and use the invite code iLP71KVZR to sign up for the service.

Out of the numerous apps that pay you on the Android market, MintCoins is among the best. However, there is room for improvement, the user interface is somewhat confusing and takes some getting used to, and you tend to be given the runaround with redirects and ads (which is fairly normal for this type of app). That said, MintCoins is a relatively new app and does exactly what it says, gives you points for PayPal cash! So if you're searching for apps that pay you, MintCoins is definitely one of your better options.

Visit MintCoins

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So What Exactly Is MintCoins?

MintCoins is a free app for Android devices that allows you to earn PayPal cash. Developers pay to have their apps displayed on MintCoins. This means MintCoins can afford to pay you for trying the apps funded by developers who wish to promote their apps and gain more exposure. So all you need to do is complete the tasks, which are clearly stated next to all the available apps. Each task that you complete gives you a set number of points (coins), and once you have earned at least $1 in revenue (100 coins = $1), you can cash out the money that you've made. That's a nice feature you won't find with other money making apps, which tend to make you earn a whole lot more before you can claim rewards.

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How Do You Make Money Online with MintCoins?

As well as simply trying apps, MintCoins offers numerous ways for you to earn points. Every day, a list of activities is posted that you can complete to earn money. The amount of points that you'll make for completing each activity is clearly listed, so you can choose the ones that will allow you to earn the most. Some of the activities include:

  • - Downloading and trying free apps
  • - Registering for free websites
  • - Filling out online surveys
  • - Watching videos
  • - Playing free games online

You can also earn rewards for purchasing memberships for paid websites and downloading paid apps. The money that you get for these tasks is enough to cover the cost and give you extra credits for your account. MintCoins also pays you to refer your friends. For each friend you invite using your unique invite code, you'll receive $0.25 and they'll receive $0.10.

What Can You Get From MintCoins?

At this time, MintCoins only gives you the ability to earn PayPal Cash, but because you can cash out at just $1, it's a very convenient choice of money making apps to use. The developers behind MintCoins, MindFree Labs have announced that they intend to add other cash out options, including the ability to earn free gift cards in the near future. When this new feature goes live, you'll be able to earn an Amazon gift card or gift cards for brick and mortar retailers like Starbucks, Sears, Nike, Lowe's and Macy's. MintCoins also plans to offer Facebook credits, prepaid calling cards, virtual credit cards, online game cards and other perks.

How to Start Using MintCoins to Make Money Online

If you want to start downloading and using apps to make money with MintCoins, the first thing that you need to do is download the free MintCoins application. It's available in the Google Play store for download for Android devices. Once the app is downloaded, just launch it and register for an account, using the invite code iLP71KVZR. You'll be able to start trying the money making apps and completing the other activities to begin earning PayPal cash right away.

Download the MintCoins App

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