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FeaturePoints App - How to Make Money and Gift Cards

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How much time do you spend using apps every day? It's something you do all the time, right? What if you could make money online while you were tapping and swiping all of those applications? With FeaturePoints, it's possible. Featurepoints is one of the most popular apps that pay you, and you can join the millions of people using FeaturePoints right now! Simply Visit FeaturePoints and sign up with the referral code "HZENT7" to obtain your first 50 points and start earning straight away!

FeaturePoints is a free application that allows you to earn free gift cards and PayPal cash just for downloading and trying out free apps online. You don't have to spend a penny in order to use FeaturePoints to the fullest. As FeaturePoints is funded by app developers who want to gain more users for their applications. They pay to have their apps included, so all you have to do is download the apps and try them out to make money.

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How Does FeaturePoints Work?

Using FeaturePoints couldn't be easier. Just download the FeaturePoints app for your Android or iOS device and then tap to launch it. You'll immediately see a list of all of the free apps that are currently being promoted. Beside each app name is a total point value that tells you how much you'll earn when you download the app and try it. Once you tap any of the given apps you will see the option to download, and a short description of how to earn your points. Unless stated otherwise, the apps will only need to be launched and used for around a minute and uninstalled, so you don't have to fill your device with applications.

FeaturePoints How To Make Money Screenshot

How to Make Money Online with FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints makes it much easier to earn gift cards than other similar reward apps do, by simply downloading and trying out free apps you can accumulate points quickly and easily. There are no amazing tricks or hacks to earn extra credit with FeaturePoints, and if you think you've found a way around it, it will only lead to account suspension. There are, however, various genuine ways to earn extra points with FeaturePoints which include surveys which can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes, and earn you up to 200 points. You can also share you own video created by FeaturePoints and personalised with your own referral code, or even create your own and receive an extra 300 points. FeaturePoints even run competitions to win a substantial amount in gift cards. On the downside, unlike some gift card apps that allow you to collect you points immediately, with FeaturePoints your points can stay pending for quite some time before you receive them.

You can also earn gift cards even faster by telling other people about FeaturePoints as they have an excellent referral program. When you refer someone to use the service using your unique invite code, they’ll get 50 free bonus points and you'll earn 50 percent of all of the points that they earn in addition to the points that you accumulate yourself from downloading and trying apps. You won't believe how fast you can earn Gift cards or PayPal cash once you start referring!

FeaturePoints Referral Screenshot

What Do You Get From FeaturePoints?

With FeaturePoints, you can earn a wide variety of free gift cards (please note that rewards vary slightly by country). Currently, the rewards that you can earn from downloading and trying the money making apps include:

  • - PayPal Cash rewards
  • - Amazon gift card rewards
  • - Google Play gift card rewards
  • - Starbucks gift card rewards
  • - Steam wallet gift card rewards
  • - XBox gift card rewards and much more!

You can see all of the gift cards and PayPal cash rewards that are on offer at any given time on one screen. When you have enough points to redeem for one of the free gift cards, you just tap to claim your prize. No matter what you're into, there is a FeaturePoints reward that is sure to appeal to you and make it worth it to sign up.

FeaturePoints Rewards Screenshot

FeaturePoints Payment Proof

The whole point of a reward app is that it gives you rewards! One of the biggest problems with apps that pay you, is not knowing whether or not the app will actually pay out once you've earned enough points to redeem your first reward. If it doesn't pay when you try to redeem your hard earned points, it was all just a waste of your time. Which is why we try and test these apps first, so you don't get scammed! The below image is proof that FeaturePoints Will actually pay you.

FeaturePoints Payment Proof Screenshot

You can start working towards earning free gift cards and PayPal cash right away by signing up for FeaturePoints with the referral code "HZENT7". Entering the code will allow you to gain access to one of the best apps to make money online and give you 50 free points toward your first gift card.

Visit FeaturePoints

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