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CashPirate App - How to Make Money and Gift Cards

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Every day, you reach for your phone to pass the time and entertain yourself. What if there was a way that you could be earning money while you surf the web and use apps? With CashPirate, it's possible! CashPirate is an app that's available for Android devices and makes it possible for you to earn gift cards, PayPal cash, and other rewards.

You can start using CashPirate today by signing up with the referral code XLNSDP and receive 500 points towards your first gift card. Read on to get the full story on what makes this app different from other apps that pay you.

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How Does CashPirate Work?

CashPirate is a one of the best money making apps of its kind, second only to appKarma for the simple reason that CashPirate's user interface is not as clean and comfortable as appKarma's, and unlike appKarma you don't always immediately receive your points. CashPirate is free to download. Once you have the app installed, just launch it and go through the simple registration process. Once you're signed up, you can view a list of all of the tasks that are available for making money. As you complete each task, you'll receive credits in the form of coins. When you have made at least 2500 coins (1000 coins is worth $1), you can cash in the coins for a variety of rewards, including free gift cards and PayPal cash.

CashPirate How To Make Money Screenshot

Ways to Make Money Online with CashPirate

The offers that are available to complete on CashPirate are always changing. Each time you open the app, you can view a list of what offers can be completed and how many coins you'll get once you've finished the task. Tasks can vary, so remember to always read the offers. Some apps will request that you simply install and run, whereas other apps will request specific tasks, like playing to a level or even keep an application on your device for three days for extra coins. Unlike many apps that pay you, like appKarma, CashPirate also has its own unique offers, 'Pirate Picks'. These offers tend to be more of a reliable source of receiving coins than its standard offers, which all money making apps of this kind display. Offers to earn coins include:

  • - Downloading free mobile apps
  • - Playing free mobile games
  • - Answering survey questions
  • - Viewing short videos
  • - Signing up for free trials and more

Another feature that CashPirate has that stands out from other money making apps is its referral program. Like other apps of its kind, CashPirate rewards you for promoting the app via social media, YouTube, etc, getting people to sign up and become members. Once a person you have referred signs up for CashPirate and starts using it to make money, they'll receive an additional 50% coins on the first 1,000 coins earned and you'll receive a credit equal to 10% of all the coins that they earn for completing offers. If they happen to refer the site to other people, you'll get 5% of all of the coins earned by their referrals. With just a few referrals, you can accumulate coins extremely fast!

What Do You Get from CashPirate?

Like other money making apps, CashPirate allows you to redeem your coins for a wide variety of items, including:

  • - An Amazon gift card
  • - A Facebook gift card
  • - A mobile recharge
  • - PayPal cash

You can see all of the gift cards and PayPal cash rewards that are on offer at any given time on the screen. You will need a minimum of 2500 coins in order to redeem your coins. You can then simply navigate to the redeem coins page via the top left-hand corner and tap on the gift card or PayPal reward of your choice.

CashPirate How To Make Money Screenshot

CashPirate Payment Proof

If you enter the search term 'reward apps' into Google Play, you will be inundated with countless reward apps, all promising you the same thing. So how do you know which ones will actually pay you and which ones are a complete scam? The answer is, you don't! For this reason we spend numerous hours trying and testing these apps in order to make sure the apps we review can be trusted, and you don't waste your time. The below image is proof that CashPirate will pay you!

CashPirate Payment Proof Screenshot

CashPirate is easy to get up and running in no time and even gives you the opportunity to set a gift card goal, enabling a type of bar chart displaying the percentage of coins earned towards the gift card of your choice. Simply download the app and feel free to use the referral code XLNSDP for an extra 500 points on sign up, and start earning free gift cards, PayPal cash and more!

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