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appKarma - How to Make Money and Gift Cards

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Have you heard about apps that pay you for completing different tasks? There is a lot of buzz out there about money making apps, but you have to be cautious about which ones you try. A lot of so-called apps to make money really don't provide you with very many benefits at all. Some are complete scams, and others make it difficult to ever really earn the free gift cards they promise, but appKarma is different! Unlike other money making apps, this app lets you quickly accumulate points for great rewards.

Unfortunately, like nearly all apps that pay you, appKarma's redirects can be confusing if you're not used to this type of application. However, with its easy to use, clean, comfortable interface, appKarma is definitely one of the best apps of its kind. To sign up simply visit appkarma, and use the invite code AppArray to obtain maximum bonus points, and start earning today!

Visit appkarma

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What is appKarma and How Does it Work?

appKarma is an app that pays you to download apps and games then try them out. Each app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You don't pay anything to download or use appKarma. Instead, the app developers pay fees to have their apps featured in the listings, this means appKarma can afford to pay you a percentage of their income in the form of gift cards.

After downloading and launching appKarma you'll see a list of all of the free apps that are currently being promoted. Beside each app name is a total point value that tells you how much you'll earn when you download the app and try it. Unlike other apps that pay you, after downloading and trying an app you don't have to wait long for your points, they're displayed on the screen and then added to your balance immediately, which is clearly displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

AppKarma How To Make Money Screenshot

How to Make Money with appKarma

Anyone that tells you that they have an amazing blackhat trick to earn extra cash with appKarma, is either lying, or on a fast track to account suspension. There are, however, numerous ways that you can genuinely make money online with appKarma. In fact, the app gives you more earnings opportunities than nearly all other money making apps. You get points for each app that you download. Then, you can earn more points by completing quizzes on certain apps once you've tried them. You can also use Karma Plays to get rewards every day for continuing to use the apps that you downloaded. You will also unlock achievement badges which are worth bonus points, as you continue to download and use the apps.

What makes appKarma better than other apps of its kind, is that its unique offers, Karma Plays, etc, tend to be a more reliable source of receiving points than standard offers which other similar money making apps display. You don't have to fill your device with applications. Unless stated otherwise, the majority of available apps will only need to be launched and used for around a minute, you may then uninstall the application.

appKarma also has one of the best referral programs. When a friend installs appKarma and enters your unique referral code or uses your referral link, he or she gets 300 Karma Points. When they begin earning Karma Points, you'll start earning 30% of all the points they earn from downloading apps, and you will continue to earn as long as they keep downloading apps and earning points, and it doesn't stop there.

If you have a Youtube channel, blog, social media account, etc, with a large following you can become an appKarma VIP. As an appKarma VIP you'll earn 40-50% of your referrals earnings and anyone that uses your VIP link or referral code will receive 400 Karma Points instead of 300. AppArray is in the fortunate position of being an appKarma VIP, therefore, signing up via our appKarma link or using AppArray as your referral code will give you the maximum referral points.

As well as taking advantage of appKarma's exceptional refferal program, Karma Plays, 2X Karma Plays and Karma Quizzes, some basic advice on how to earn more points would be to simply stick with it. The points will accumulate faster than you think, and most users don't realise that unlike other reward apps, there's a substantial amount of points (cash!) to be made by unlocking appKarma's numerous achievement badges.

AppKarma Karma Plays And Achievment Badges Screenshot

What You Can Get from appKarma

appKarma lets you earn a wide variety of free gift cards and prizes, including:

  • - Amazon gift card rewards
  • - iTunes gift card rewards
  • - Google Play gift card rewards
  • - PlayStation Store and XBox Live gift card rewards
  • - PayPal Cash rewards
  • - Starbucks gift card rewards
  • - And much more!

You can see all of the gift cards and PayPal cash rewards that are on offer at any given time on one screen. When you have enough points to redeem for one of the free gift cards, you just tap to claim your prize. You're instantly able to access the reward from your phone. Another appKarma bonus is your account will never be empty! You get 5% of your points back every time you redeem a card so you always have points in your account.

Appkarma Rewards Screenshot

appKarma Payment Proof

The whole point of a reward app is that it gives you rewards! The app could promise you the world, have a great user interface, work flawlessly and give you so many offers you can't keep up. However, if it doesn't pay when you try to redeem your hard earned points, it was all just a waste of time. Not only was it a waste of time, it was a scam and no one likes being scammed!! Which is why we try apps first, so you don't get scammed! The below image is proof that appKarma will pay you for your time and hard work.

Appkarma Payment Proof Screenshot
Appkarma Paypal Payment Proof Screenshot

Please Note: If you're thinking it must have taken a long time to earn enough points to redeem $100, you'd be right. It will take months, but with a little work and help from as many referrals as you can get, you'll earn money or gift cards faster than you think!

To get started with appKarma, just visit their homepage and download the appKarma app. Once it's downloaded, tap on it to launch. You'll be asked to enter some basic information, and don't forget to use the invite code AppArray to get extra perks. You'll be able to start making money online by downloading and using apps right away, so what are you waiting for? Download appKarma now!

Visit appkarma

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