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Best Apps to Earn Gift Cards and Paid Apps for Free

Did you know, that people spend an average of 3 hours a day on their mobile devices? Spending hours on your mobile device can have its rewards, you just have to download the right apps. Apps that actually give you something in return, simply by doing the things you do every day.

The applications listed on this page enable you to earn credit, the credit you earn can be exchanged for gift cards and other rewards like paid apps for free, free in-app purchases, and a whole host of other goodies. Credit for gift cards is awarded for simple tasks like playing games and watching videos, etc. The way in which you earn credit, how much credit you can earn, and how fast you can earn it in order to exchange it for gift cards, will vary with each application.

The applications listed on this page offer gift cards, paid apps for free and other rewards, not money! If you're looking for cash, check this out:

Apps That Pay You Money, Gift Cards and Other Rewards


AppKarma Money Making App Icon

appKarma is the only application on this page that allows you to redeem your points for PayPal cash as well as numerous gift cards. It's featured on this page as well as our apps that pay you page because it's simply one of the best apps of its kind. With appKarma you can earn points for downloading apps on your Android or iOS device. As well as playing with apps, appKarma offer various ways to earn Karma Points. Consisting of Karma Plays, Karma Quizzes, watching app trailers, achievement badges and more. If you refer a friend to appKarma they'll receive 300 points, and you'll receive 30% of what they earn, if you need a referral code, feel free to use: AppArray (this is a VIP referral code which means you'll receive the maximum of 400 Karma Points). Karma Points can be redeemed for iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon gift cards, as well as PayPal Cash and more! Read More


AppBounty Gift Cards App Icon

AppBounty offers both an Android and iOS application. Upon launching AppBounty you're shown a list of free apps available to download from either the App Store or Google Play, from which you can earn credits. You will be awarded credits if an app is used for around 30 seconds, and then notified by AppBounty when you've earned them, credits usually vary per app download, as each app will offer a different number of credits. After you've been awarded enough credits (500 credits = $1), you may spend them on gift cards from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Steam, PlayStation and more. You can earn extra credits by referring the service to a friend, via your unique invite code or URL.


FreeMyApps Gift Cards App Icon

With almost 50,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store alone, FreeMyApps is another extremely popular reward app that enables you to download the latest free apps and hottest new games and get rewarded with free gift cards. Like the majority of reward apps, FreeMyApps offer a list of free apps and games. You then simply take a look at the sponsored apps, click on the given app links, and download them to your Android or iOS device. The number of credits you earn for any given app is clearly stated in the download link, along with some basic instructions which you will need to follow in order to receive your credit. Credit can be redeemed for gift cards which include Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Xbox as well as free in-game currencies, like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale Gems, COD Points, Boom Beach Diamonds and more.

Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps Gift Cards App Icon

Although the name may suggest otherwise, with Cash For Apps you will not receive cash! However, once you've saved up enough points (300 points = $1) you can redeem them for gift cards from their extensive list, which includes an iTunes, Amazon or Google Play gift card, as well as many others. So you can obtain free music, free paid apps, free in-app purchases, and a whole lot more. To earn points with Cash For Apps, you will need to simply download new apps, and you'll receive points for downloads within minutes. After you receive the points you may delete the app from your device. Cash For Apps claim to be the fastest app to earn points. Stating that "Most of our users can accumulate enough points for a free gift card within just 10 downloads". If you would like to use our invite code, simply sign up and enter ad629ec and start earning with an extra 20 points right away!


GameTame Gift Cards App Icon

GameTame is one of the best reward apps to receive PC games and in-game items, as well as various types of gift cards. Rewards can be earned by completing tasks which include downloading free apps, completing surveys and watching videos. The GameTame app is available for Android devices only, if you use an iOS device you will need to log into their website. From their website you can download iOS apps, as well as Android apps to earn your points. Your points can then be converted into any full version Steam game of your choice, CS:GO Skins, DOTA2 items, TF2 items, supply crate key and Steam trading cards. As well as gift cards for Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam Wallet and many more. Like the majority of apps listed on this page, you can promote your unique invite code, and earn extra points. If you need an invite code feel free to use OJ3CK.


FreeAppsFast Gift Cards App Icon

FreeAppsFast is a service for iOS devices. As their name suggests, FreeAppsFast allows you to earn more points with what they call "a massive points bump over other services" and boast the quickest solution to obtain prizes by providing the best downloads-to-points and points-to-prizes ratios in the industry. Which means you'll obtain free apps faster! Similar to most free app credit and gift card applications, to earn credit you simply leave apps open and interact with them for at least 30 seconds. Earning points with FreeAppsFast offers users a simple method for downloading paid Apple App Store apps. They also allow users to redeem their points for other prizes, including gift cards for various services like iTunes and Amazon and stated that sometime in the very near future they will also offer payouts via PayPal cash.


TapLoot Gift Cards App Icon

TapLoot is available for both Android and iOS devices, and was formerly known as DonkeyCoins. The TapLoot principle is simple. You merely download apps, and then open them up for, yep, you guessed it, around 30 seconds. That said, some offers can vary, and you may be asked to perform specific tasks like playing to a level. On completion of any given task, you can delete the app. Unless of coarse, the app is worth keeping. You will then be rewarded with coins. Coins can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and more. Extra coins can also be earned from every person that signs up via your invite code. Earning you 400 coins, and them 100 coins. This app does seem to have mixed reviews, but still scores a healthy 3.9 from almost half a million downloads on the Play Store, so it's definitely worth checking out!

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards Gift Cards App Icon

The Google Opinion Rewards app allows you to take simple, short anonymous surveys, and rewards you with credit in the form of a Google Play gift card. After downloading the app you'll need to answer some basic questions about yourself, and you're ready to receive your first survey. You'll receive approximately one survey a week, via a notification on your phone. Surveys generally take less than a minute to complete and can reward you with anything up to $1. To receive the Google Play credit you will need to open a Google Wallet account. Once you've earned enough credit, you can click the "Shop" button and spend your gift card as you wish, in the Google Play Store.


Freapp Gift Cards App Icon

Freapp is a free and discounted app finder with the added bonus of allowing you to earn iTunes and Google Play gift cards. Everyday they scout, test and select fresh apps and games for both Android and iOS, selecting the best premium apps in order to save you money. Freapp also offer rewards, check out their website or app, invite your friends and share your favourite apps, and you'll gain access to virtual coins. The virtual coins you earn will then become prizes in the form of an iTunes or a Google Play gift card, to spend as you want. Freapp is also integrated with all of the most popular social networks, enabling you to see what apps your friends are using and follow other users.

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Win Free Cash and Gift Cards!

Lucky Day is a free app for both Android and iOS where you can win free cash playing slots, scratch cards, lotto, raffles, and blackjack. If it's your Lucky Day, you might just win a cash prize worth anything from $1 to $100,000. Each game also rewards you with bonus chips, chips can be used to play or exchanged for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Best Buy gift cards and many more! Thousands of people are winning free money on Lucky Day every day. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Earn Free Cash Back!

Would you like money back whenever you shop at over 3,500 online retailers? TopCashback offer some of the highest payouts out there, as they give their entire commission rate back to their members. Simply select your retailer and shop as you would normally then claim your cash back. In addition, TopCashback features free cash back rewards that do not require a purchase to be made so money for nothing! You can even redeem your cash back in the form of an Amazon gift card and receive a bonus payout. What have you got to lose, it’s free to sign up, and free to use. You'll even receive a FREE $10 bonus. Simply visit TopCashback, and start earning money back today!