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Ebates Review - Coupons and Cashback Rebate Rewards

Are you an avid online shopper? If you frequently buy things online, Ebates can help you save money by allowing you to earn money back on many different kinds of purchases. The rebates can quickly add up, translating to large cash back rewards. Read on to learn more about this rebate app.

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What Is Ebates?

Ebates is a website and mobile app that allows you to earn cash back when you shop from a merchant that has an affiliate relationship with them. Basically, Ebates enters into agreements with well-known retailers and earns commissions when people visit the store and make a purchase using a link that Ebates provides. The cost of the products that you buy is exactly the same as it would be if you just visited the website on your own, but Ebates receives a percentage of the sale. The site then turns around and gives you a portion of that commission in the form of rebates.

With affiliate agreements with more than 2,000 retailers, Ebates can allow you to earn cash back on almost everything that you want to buy. You can earn cash back by shopping with many well-known retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Kohls, Shuttefly and Walmart. In addition to the rebates, Ebates also gives you access to coupon codes and provides information about discount deals that are being advertised at different online stores. All easily navigated via the website's comfortable user-friendly interface.

Ebates Website Screenshot

Using Ebates

Ebates is incredibly simple to use. Just download the app or visit the website and register for an account by providing your email address. Another incentive to join Ebates is that first-time members are given a $10 Gift Card bonus when opening a new account and purchasing goods amounting to $25 or more. You'll need PayPal to get your cash back quickly, so sign up for an account if you don't already have one. If you already use PayPal, register with the same email address that you use for the online payment system.

Once you're registered, visit the Ebates app or website any time that you plan to shop online. If you know what store you want to shop at, you can search for it by clicking on the "All Stores" link at the top of the page (or in the sidebar menu on the app - see below image), stores are listed in alphabetical order. Not sure where you want to buy something? You can also shop by departments to find out what retailers that work with Ebates sell the items that you're looking for.

When you find the store you desire, just click the link to head to the store's website. Then, you can shop as usual. After you checkout, Ebates will receive information about your purchase and usually credit your account with the rebates that you have earned within 24 hours.

Ebates App Screenshots

How Payments Works

With Ebates, you will need a minimum of $5.01 in your account to recieve a payout; however, the website only makes payouts four times per year. You'll receive a rebate payout for all purchases made from January through March on May 15, from April through June on August 15, from July to September on November 15 and from October through December on February 15.

Opt to have the money sent directly to PayPal for quick access. You can also opt to have a check mailed to you, but it will take longer for you to receive your funds.

You can see how much cash back you'll earn on your purchases on the Ebates sites before you click the link to start shopping. Ebates will also give you credits when you refer others who sign up. With Ebates exceptional referral program you'll receive $5 for every referral. Ebates will also allow you to earn additional bonuses during a specified referral period. This changes every quarter, Ebates last referral period consisted of a $25 bonus for your first referral, a $50 bonus for your second referral and so on. Which was slightly higher than the latest referral period, see below.

Ebates Referral Chart Screenshot

Benefits of Ebates

Ebates offers a number of benefits, including:

- Easy-to-Earn Cashback Rewards. Unlike other rebate apps, Ebates only requires you to shop as you normally would to save money. You don't have to photograph a receipt, send an email or even notify them of your purchase at all. As long as you're signed into your account and you use their site to access the online store, your purchase will be noted, and you'll receive a rebate accordingly.

- Transparency. There is no mystery about how much you'll earn with Ebates. The rebates app tells you upfront what you'll receive when you shop with any retailer. The instructions on the website are also easy to follow.

- Ample Customer Support. Having been in business since 2000, Ebates has a stellar reputation. The rebate site has a customer service team available to answer your questions if you encounter any problems along the way.

Drawbacks of Ebates

There are a few disadvantages to using Ebates, including:

- Slow Payouts. The biggest downside to Ebates is that you can't receive your cash back whenever you wish. Having to wait months for the money is less than ideal, but the upside is that you'll end up with a nicely sized payout each time if you shop online frequently.

- Some Stores Are Restricted. Not everything at every store qualifies for a discount. In some cases, discounts may be reduced on big ticket items or not available at all on some types of merchandise.


What have you got to lose, it’s free to sign up for Ebates, and free to use. While Ebates does have some downsides, the cashback rebates app is a reliable way to save money. By doing the things you normally do when shopping online, Ebates makes it possible for you to get back some of the money that you spend. Since it's completely free to use, it's more than worth the extra few seconds that it takes to access the website or app and get paid for doing basically nothing out of the ordinary except for using a specific link via Ebates.

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