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What is Chromecast?

More and more people are ditching cable and satellite television in favour of streaming services that allow them to enjoy their favourite television shows and watch movies on demand. Chromecast is the latest innovation in the world of streaming devices and is becoming serious competition for big names like Roku and AppleTV. Read on to learn more about using Chromecast in your home.

Chromecast Streamimg Device

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a small stick device similar to a USB thumb drive, developed by Google. Once it's plugged into your TV and the Chromecast setup is complete, the device gives you access to numerous streaming services with its ever growing number of Google cast ready websites and apps. The content is “cast” to the stick via a compatible service such as Netflix. Using the information it receives, the Chromecast finds the material on the Internet and streams it directly from the source. It then allows you to utilize a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to navigate. Not only can you stream movies and shows, but you can also stream most content via the Chrome Internet browser.

Google Chromecast is cheaper and easier to use than its rivals, it also boasts the best mirroring capabilities. It's biggest drawback is it doesn't offer a true TV interface or remote control.

Benefits of Using Chromecast

The biggest benefit to using Chromecast is that it can take the place of a cable box or antenna and allow you to access television shows and movies that you want to watch without having to pay money to a provider or settle for local programming alone. Chromecast can also be used in conjunction with cable or satellite television, giving you the freedom to watch content from streaming services that you would otherwise only be able to watch on a computer or mobile device, on your much larger television screen.

Chromecast Setup

Chromecast Setup Image

When it comes to setup, Chromecast doesn't require much. All that is required for a Chromecast setup is the Chromecast stick, the USB cable that usually comes with it (this may have to be bought separately), a television with an HDMI port, a USB port (for power), a working WiFi connection and a mobile device or computer to act as your controller.

It won't take you long to master how to use Chromecast, as Google has designed the device to be incredibly simple. All that you need to do is plug the device into the HDMI port on your TV and plug its USB cable into the wall with a USB adapter. If your TV has a USB port you can use it to power the Chromecast device, as shown in the image. A message will appear on your television screen with a web address to visit. Browse to it on your smartphone, tablet or computer and follow the instructions to complete the Chromecast setup and begin watching. Take a look and see how easy it is to follow the Chromecast set up, the full instructions can be found Here

Chromecast-Compatible Apps

Chromecast now hosts a number of capable apps. As developers release more Chromecast-friendly apps, you can expect more prominent names to introduce Chromecast, opening up even more viewing possibilities with all of the benefits of streaming via the Internet.

Take a closer look at some of the more popular Chromcast-Compatible Apps

Let Us Know

Have you used Chromecast? Do you use an alternative streaming device? Let us know in the comments what you consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of using Chromecast, and if it works for you.

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