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Best Website Builder for Mobile and Responsive Web Design

Does your business depend on online traffic? Did you know that more than half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices? The latest statistics show that as of 2015, worldwide mobile Internet usage was 52.7 percent. By 2017, figures suggest that more than 63.4 percent of users will access online content via their mobile devices. Therefore, if your business doesn't have a mobile website, it's missing out on a major opportunity for growth and new customers. Not only will a mobile website make it easier to view your website on mobile devices, it will also significantly increase engagement and sales by making it easy for potential customers to locate and contact your business on their mobile devices.

As businesses realise the importance of building a website optimised for mobile devices. The demand for mobile and responsive web design has increased significantly. There are now a growing number of capable programs that will enable you to build a mobile friendly website, on time, and on budget, with simple drag and drop tools and no coding or previous knowledge of mobile or responsive design.

The following information consists of some of the best mobile and responsive website builders found on the market today. Which includes well established website builders chosen for their exceptional mobile and responsive web design options, as well as software dedicated solely to mobile and responsive design.

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Weebly Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Weebly is one of the most well known website builders for a reason--it allows anyone to create a professional looking website without any previous knowledge of coding. The service includes a responsive website design option that makes it possible to create a mobile website on your computer or on your mobile phone or tablet in a very short time.

With Weebly responsive web design, you can build a responsive website simply by dragging and dropping. Weebly offer a variety of website templates with key features like social sharing already in place.

For those who are satisfied with using a Weebly domain name for their mobile site, the service can be used for free. To get a custom domain name, you can upgrade to the Starter version of the responsive design service, which costs $8 per month. At a cost of $12 per month, the pro version makes it possible to add more multimedia features and incorporate a site search. The full Business versions runs $25 per month and includes e-commerce functionality.

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Strikingly Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Trying to learn how to create a website that works on mobile devices? Instead of learning how to code, sign up for Strikingly, a responsive website builder that will allow you to create striking mobile web designs in no time.

With a simple three step process, Strikingly will have your responsive website online in no time. Start by picking a theme from hundreds of options. Then, add the content that you desire and make changes to the site to fit your needs. When you're satisfied, you can publish your new responsive website with a single click.

Strikingly offers a free version of their responsive website builder . The free version allows you to create an unlimited number of free sites within 5 GB of bandwidth. For $8 per month billed annually, you can upgrade to the Limited Plan and create 2 limited sites and unlimited free sites with up to 50GB of bandwidth and custom domain names. With Strikingly Pro, you pay $16 per month billed annually for advanced customisation, unlimited bandwidth, 3 pro sites and unlimited free sites.

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Duda Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Duda (formerly DudaMobile) was founded in 2009 and is now one of the most popular mobile website builders on the market. With DudaMobile you can easily create a mobile friendly website for your business, and with Duda's latest offering DudaOne you can build a responsive website that adjusts to fit any screen.

With both DudaMobile and DudaOne, you'll enjoy a convenient drag and drop editor that allows you to put together a mobile or responsive website fast. Duda provides a number of templates that can be customized with different fonts, colors and navigation styles to reflect your brand and fit your image. You can also simply import all of the content from an existing website.

Duda offers separate pricing for responsive web design and mobile website design development. The responsive design package DudaOne offers a Free account, a Business account for $5.00 per month, a Business+ plan for $14.25 per month and a Business + Ecommerce plan for $22.50 per month paid annually. For the standalone mobile website builder DudaMobile, there is a free plan and a premium plan that costs $7.20 per month billed annually.

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Onbile Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Onbile is a mobile website builder that enables you to create a website in minutes. With a simple editor and robust tools, Onbile is very easy to use for first-time site owners, yet it is just as useful for those experienced in mobile-website design.

Known for having very attractive starter templates, Onbile allows you to create a website by plugging your custom text and graphics into an easy-to-use interface. For those completely new to mobile site design, the program includes a guide for how to launch a website, which makes getting a newly created website up and running much easier. Even more experienced users will appreciate the wide array of templates available with Onbile.

Compared to other website builders, Onbile takes a simple approach to pricing. There is a free plan that includes advertisements and is intended for personal sites as well as a professional plan that costs $10.80 per month and is ideal for most businesses. Companies that wish to have a mobile website with e-commerce functionality should choose the ecommerce plan, which costs $16.20 per month.

Simbla Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Simbla is a mobile website builder that allows you to create a responsive web design without ever having created a website before. The program is dedicated to creating mobile friendly website designs for business and for personal use and is known for being one of the most flexible options in terms of the number of ways that you can make the templates your own.

What makes Simbla so easy to use is its drag and drop functionality. You can easily change the layout of a site and incorporate your own elements with just a few clicks.

Many users who want to create a mobile site will only need the free version of Simbla, which provides 300MB of storage and 300MB of bandwidth on a monthly basis. With a custom domain name with 1GB of storage, the Starter package costs $6 per month, billed annually. Also available are a Basic plan with 3GB of storage, an Advanced plan with 10GB and a PRO plan with 20GB. Monthly costs for these packages run $12, $18 and $24, respectively.

QFuse Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Qfuse is a mobile website builder that allows you to create QR codes that link to a specific mobile friendly website. Simple to use, the mobile website design service can be used by people of all experience levels.

With Qfuse, you can help users discover your custom website by scanning a code with their phones. Then, the code will lead them to your site that you create using the drag-and-drop Mobile Site Builder. Tracking functionality is included to monitor the performance of your mobile web code and site.

Qfuse has three different mobile website plans to choose from. The basic mobile website service is the Standard package and costs $12 per month per site billed annually. With this option, sites can have a maximum of 3 pages. Upgrading to the PRO version costs $50 per month billed annually and allows you to have up to five websites with an unlimited number of pages. For large volumes, you can choose the Partner & Enterprise plan, which is custom priced according to your needs.

GoMobi Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


Want to create a website that will look and work as well on a phone or tablet as it does on a computer? GoMobi makes it possible to create a responsive website that can be used by anyone, even if you have no experience with coding or mobile website design.

GoMobi is a user friendly mobile friendly website builder. The program gives you access to a CMS that allows you to put together a website in very little time. With GoMobi you can create a site from scratch, use an existing desktop site or use one of their customised templates without having to code anything to create your fully responsive website.

With GoMobi, there is only one plan to choose from, but before you purchase it, you are able to use the responsive design program for free for 30 days. Then, the program costs just $5.95 per month. Unlike other website builders, GoMobi also sells custom responsive website set-ups that are pre-made to order. The cost for this is $175.

ActiveMobi Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


ActiveMobi is an easy to use mobile website builder that is completely online. With this mobile website design service, you can create impressive websites that display properly on mobile phones.

To make mobile site design simple, ActiveMobi features a three-step process. First, you select a template from dozens of options. Then, you use an easy drag-and-drop editor to make the template one of a kind. Finally, save and publish your new site right away.

With ActiveMobi, you have two DIY packages to choose from. The first is Mobi Start, which is completely free to use. The package gives you access to the mobile website builder, templates and mobile widgets plus web hosting. With ActiveMobi Plus, you pay $8 per month or $65 per year. For the added cost, your site will not have ads. You can also use your own domain name and get the benefits of Google Analytics tracking and advanced customisation options. If you prefer to have your site designed for you, you can opt for Mobi Together, which costs $399.

Wix Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


When researching how to create a website, Wix is one of the website builders that you'll find most often recommended because it is so simple to use. Not just for creating traditional websites, Wix can also be used as a mobile website builder, as it can produce a responsive website that displays properly on all types of screens.

Wix makes creating a mobile site with a responsive design very simple. The online application provides templates that you can quickly customize to suit your personal or business needs and even offers web hosting to get your mobile friendly website online as soon as it's finished.

The basic version of Wix is free, but for those who want access to special features, there are subscription plans available. The cheapest option is the Connect Domain that allows users to use their own domain name while still displaying Wix ads. Its cost is $4.08 per month. Other ad-free plans range from $9.25 to $24.92 per month with four different package options available.

Jimdo Mobile Website Builder Homepage Screenshot


If you're trying to determine how to create a website that can be viewed perfectly on any screen, Jimdo is an affordable, simple-to-use solution. This website builder allows you to create a responsive website design and can be used online or on an iOS or Android mobile device.

With Jimdo, you can choose from a wide array of templates that are easy to search by category. All of the templates are already optimised to work as a responsive website for your convenience.

Jimdo offers a free version that gives you a website hosted on the Jimdo domain. To upgrade to a custom domain name for your mobile site and get an email account, analytics and the ability to create a basic online store, you can opt for the JimdoPro version, which costs $7.50 per month, billed annually. To get two custom domains, a business email package, priority support and an online store that can feature as many products as you wish, choose the JimdoBusiness plan, which costs $20 per month, paid annually.

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Feel free to let us know in the comments if you use, or have used, any of the mobile and responsive website builders on this page, and the benefits they've provided to you and your business. If you use, know of, or even own a mobile or responsive website builder that's worthy of a place on this list, let us know.

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