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Best App Maker - Make Your Own App

Want to make your own app? Building your own mobile application no longer consists of a large investment of both time and money. There are numerous platforms available to help you make your own app. Using an app maker is a relatively cheap and easy process to help you build a professional full-featured application, on time, and on budget. With no coding skills required.

In order to make you own app you need the best app maker, we've compiled a list of some of the best app makers to suit your needs.

Swiftic App Maker Homepage Screenshot

Swiftic (formerly Como)

Swiftic, a rebrand of Como’s DIY app maker, offers much of the same as the previous version of their easy-to-use 3-step app maker, which has been used to create over 1 million apps. Swiftic's app development platform makes it just as easy to build full-featured apps for both Android and iOS, using a collection of themes, colours, layouts, styles and backgrounds, with no coding skills required.

Swiftic offers features such as push notifications, advanced analytics, preview and testing, monetisation, promotional tools and much more. It also offers many features to help run your business, including in-app coupons, loyalty cards, the capability to accept in-app payments, enable clients to place in-app orders with online ordering and track client deliveries.

Swiftic's new subscription plans are $57 monthly, $48 per month when purchased for a year at a time, $41 when purchased for 2 years at a time. Their new plans also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a very bold 6-month success guarantee. Meaning that if you don't manage to achieve any 'real business results' within six months, they'll give you six more months for free!

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Appy Pie App Maker Homepage Screenshot

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a cloud-based DIY mobile app maker that enables users without any programming knowledge to create an HTML5-based hybrid app that works with Windows, Android, iOS, and Blackberry. There is no need to download or install anything, you can just drag & drop app pages to create your mobile app online. Apps are automatically published to their appropriate app stores, including Appy Pie's own app marketplace.

Appy Pie's features include, monetise with ads, live analytics, real time push notifications, social media and blog integration, sharing capabilities and photo galleries. Appy Pie also offers several business tools such as an appointment scheduler, GPS tracking for location-based marketing, contact features including one-touch calling and more.

With Appy Pie you can design your app for free. When you publish an app you are offered four subscription plans, Plans start at Free and go up to $33 per month for Platinum subscription.

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Apps Moment App Maker Homepage Screenshot


AppsMoment is the ideal solution for anyone looking to learn how to make an app for their business, as it allows you to make your own app in just a few minutes. The online app development software program launched 2 years ago and has already been used by more than 16,000 people to successfully publish more than 420,000 apps.

Flexible and highly intuitive, the app maker software lets you create games and conventional apps with videos, podcasts, GPS coordinates and QR codes. Apps produced with the app development software can be monetised with ads, shopping cart functionality and in-app purchases.

One of the best things about AppsMoment is that you can try the app design program for free to produce one basic application and submit it to Amazon, Google Play or the Apple App Store. The full Starter membership costs $49 per year and allows you to create up to five apps. For unlimited app design abilities, you can choose the Publisher membership, which can be paid for monthly for $29 or annually for $197.

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AppsVolcano Homepage Screenshot

Apps Volcano

Apps Volcano is an online app maker platform that allows you to make your own app without any prior knowledge of coding or app design. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, Apps Volcano’s simple platform offers numerous features and templates to help you make professional full-featured apps, as well as mobile websites for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle.

Apps Volcano’s features include push notifications, monetisation, in-app purchase, social media, preview and testing and much more. Apps Volcano claim to offer more features (over 140) than any other app creation software and if you can't find the feature you require, you have the option to make it yourself, or they'll make it for you.

Offering four subscription plans, they have a plan for everyone. Basic plan for $9.99 per month, Plus plan $29.99 per month, Premium plan for $49.99 and Unlimited plan $99.99 per month.

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Mobincube App Maker Homepage Screenshot


Mobincube is an easy-to-use web-based app maker founded in 2008 by Spanish startup company, Mobincube, which is based in Valencia, Spain. The company also has headquarters in San Fransisco, California, USA. To date Mobincube has helped over of 100,000 people around the world build an app for their business.

With Mobincube's comfortable drag-and-drop interface you can create any kind of app, from business to educational, entertainment to games, home to health, and more, all without any prior knowledge of coding or app design. Users with coding experience can develop their own advanced functionalities. Features include, online stores, databases, remote content, navigation bars, push notifications and much more.

Mobincube offer various price plans. Plans can be purchased annually, quarterly or monthly, annually being the cheapest option. All plans offer unlimited apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, all plans also enable you to monetise your apps with Mobincube's ads and receive 70% of all revenue earned (all paid plans offer the option to deactivate ads). Plans start at the free Starter plan, Standard – $9.99/Mo (billed annually), Advanced – 19.99/Mo (billed annually) and their white label Reseller plan - 99.99/mo (billed annually).

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AppYourself App Maker Homepage Screenshot


If you're trying to learn how to make an app for promotional purposes or to sell as a source of revenue, AppYourself is a great place to start. AppYourself is an app development software program that has been used to create more than 437,000 apps since its launch.

The app design program requires no coding experience and can be used to create a wide range of apps with just three steps--choosing a layout, selecting modules and publishing. The app maker has 30 modules available for customising an app. The modules include everything from business hours pages to menus to customer feedback surveys. With the program, you can design a business website and an app simultaneously for branding purposes.

AppYourself offers three different pricing plans. The Web Only plan costs 5€ per month and allows you to create a web-based mobile app with access to all of the app development software program's resources. If you wish to make an app that's native and have access to features like push notifications, you'll need to purchase the Basic plan for 15€ per month. The Premium Account provides unlimited modules for larger apps and costs 30€ per month. Discounts are available for 2-year subscriptions.

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Shoutem Homepage Screenshot


Shoutem is an app design service that is highly flexible and the perfect choice of app development software to create a wide variety of types of applications, including loyalty, content, advertising, event, e-commerce, social, business info and local apps.

App creation is done online through an easy-to-use interface with Shoutem, and there are a variety of ways that you can customize the design, colours, icons, background and layouts of the app. A truly complete app maker, the software gives you the ability to automatically publish to Google Play and the App Store. Updating apps is as simple as creating them.

With Shoutem, you can choose from three service levels. The basic service is $22.90 per month or $19.90 billed annually and allows you to create only HTML5 apps. With the Advanced package, you pay $58.90 per month or $49.00 billed annually for access to iPhone and Android apps, and for the Unlimited plan price of $139.90 per month or $119.90 billed annually you can create iPad apps and get access to a number of other special features.

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GoodBarber Homepage Screenshot


If you've been wondering how to make an app that garners attention, look no further than GoodBarber. GoodBarber is an app maker that requires no coding and little technical know-how in order to create compelling apps that run seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. GoodBarber comes packed with app development features that let your app stand out. Its clean, user-friendly interface, striking themes and a variety of connectors make for app design that is unique to your business alone.

GoodBarber comes with several features that make this app useful and convenient for your customers. Plug all of your social media sites into the app, such as Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr and more. This app maker allows you to make your own app with the inclusion of maps, photo albums, videos, forms, articles and other modules. While you edit, you can test your app in real time, as each change will be updated immediately.

GoodBarber is available for a free 30-day trial. The paid packages include Standard for $16 a month, Full for $32 a month and Advanced for $48 a month. The best deal is Advanced, as it comes with everything you need to build your app today.

Mobile Roadie App Maker Homepage Screenshot

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an online app maker platform that lets anyone build an application without having to know a thing about coding. At the same time, the platform has enhanced features that are useful to pros, making this an app building solution that will suit the needs of users of all experience levels.

With Mobile Roadie, you can add photos, video and audio to apps automatically or one by one. News posts can be imported from Twitter, Google News or RSS feeds. You can also create Fan Walls, Events listings and many other ready-made modules to your custom app. Once the app is launched, you can gain insight into its performance with analytics. Support is provided for app submission to the Apple App Store and Google Play at no additional charge.

Mobile Roadie offers flexible pricing with annual and monthly payment options. The Core package with basic analytics and geo targeted push support costs $149 monthly or $1499 annually, thanks to a 2-month free discount. For access to the pro features and other advanced options, the Pro plan is needed. It costs $799 monthly or $7999 annually with a 2-month free discount.

Bizness Apps App Maker Homepage Screenshot

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is an app maker designed to suit almost any business. A user friendly content management system allows you to design and customize Android, iPhone, iPad and mobile Web apps. Without any programming skills you can create a professional full-featured application, using your own design or choosing from hundreds of design templates.

Bizness Apps features include push notifications, content sharing, GPS, social media, mobile reservations, food ordering, mobile shopping cart, mailing lists, custom email forms and more. With Bizness Apps you can preview your app in real-time and check its progress on your mobile devices. Bizness Apps is a cloud based service, therefore, there is no software install and it can be managed from any web browser.

Subscription plans are $29 per month for a mobile website and $59 per month for a native and mobile app. Like many app building tools there is also a White Label Resellar plan available.

BuildFire App Maker Homepage Screenshot


BuildFire is a totally DIY code-free app builder that will walk you through how to make an app from the ground up. Optimized for small businesses, organizations, non-profits and individuals alike, this app maker is full of features that allow you to make your own app, one that is captivating, engaging and simple for your customers to use.

One of the great features that BuildFire includes is the ability to create user groups in your app, which helps build a social networking experience. Users can post comments and pictures. When they do, BuildFire will use SmartPush technology to alert you of the new information. SmartPush technology can also be used to announce upcoming events for your business. Buildfire also offer the inclusion of social media integration, real-time editing, a chat feature, online ordering and much more.

Subscription plans consist of Premium at $59 per month with basic capabilities, and Professional at $149 per month with additional key features. With BuildFire you can create iOS, Android and HTML5 apps for free, and you only pay when your app is ready to publish and distribute. If you find that you don't have the time or desire to build an app, you can also hire a BuildFire professional to take on the work for you.

Appery App Maker Homepage Screenshot

Appery is a cloud-based app maker, enabling you to create hybrid applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, you can create full-featured professional applications without any programming skills, or if you're a developer you can choose from a variety of advanced features.

The majority of features are similar to other app development software, with the advantage of a plug-in catalogue and the ability to add any custom plug-ins to your apps. Advanced features for developers include add or delete cloud databases and plug-ins, use custom coding, export the app as HTML, edit source code, or build a binary for Android and iOS.

Appery's pricing plans start at, Basic $30 (paid monthly), Standard $45 per month (paid monthly) or $30 per month (paid annually), Pro $85 per month (paid monthly) or $57 per month (paid annually), the Pro plan also comes with a 14 day trial period, and Team $200 per month (paid monthly) or $135 per month (paid annually). They also offer an enterprise plan. Contact details are required for further information concerning their enterprise plan.

AppInstitute App Maker Homepage Screenshot


Based in the UK, the award winning app maker platform AppInstitute is best known for its ease of use and its excellent customer service. Founded in 2011, AppInstitute's cloud-based service enables small businesses and individuals to make an app for Android and iOS without any prior technical knowledge. To date AppInstitute has over 20,000 customers worldwide.

AppInstitute provide a range of professionally-designed fully customisable app templates to suit the needs of various businesses which include restaurants, coffee shops, real estate agents and many more. They also offer over 20 powerful modules that add more functionality to your app such as an ecommerce module complete with online payment features, add an in-app calendar and booking system, add maps and other location-based features, offer a loyalty program and much more. Other features include push notifications, customer management and app analytics.

AppInstitute allow you use their app maker platform for free, however, you must select a payment plan if you wish to publish your app. Plans can be purchased annually or monthly, annually being the cheapest option. AppInstitute offer various price plans, AppBuilder $28/mo billed annually, AppBuilder Pro $40/mo billed annually, AppSmart $200/mo billed annually and Reseller from $120/mo billed annually. All plans offer a 6 month guarantee, meaning that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your app after 6 months, they'll give you another 6 months for free.

Appmachine App Maker Homepage Screenshot


AppMachine is an easy to use app maker that offers you a cost-effective way to create native applications for both iOS and Android, through a simple drag-and-drop interface. You are given the option to design a full-featured application either by yourself or with the help of AppMachine's designers.

Your app is built by choosing from a selection of Building Blocks. It can be designed in your own unique style, you can choose your navigation paths, colours, fonts and icons. You can also test your app as you build it and check its progress on your mobile devices using AppMachine’s Previewer. Each block contains features such as Information, activities, videos, photos, music, contact information, social media, analytics and more. On completion AppMachine submits your apps to the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone 8 Store.

Subscription plans start at (price only available in euros), Basic €19 per app, per month, Plus €39 per app, per month and Pro €59 per app, per month. Each plan is billed annually, unfortunately there is no option to pay monthly.

Appmakr App Maker Homepage Screenshot


Appmakr is a DIY app maker that allows users without any programming skills to create applications for iOS and Android, through a simple drag-and-drop interface. With AppMakr, you can create as many high quality apps as you need, with unlimited updates at no cost.

Appmakr features include, HTML 5 functionality, real-time analytics, monetise your app, push notifications, live updates, Google Maps integration, chat rooms, photo galleries, shared events calendars, in-app shopping, and more. Appmakr also offer branding and design customisations. If you purchase a premium account, all applications designed with AppMakr are published under your own Developer Account with your brand name.

Subscription plans start at Free for a mobile website with advertisements. If you'd rather have an ad-free application with other great features, you can start with an App Basics plan for $1 per month billed annually, an App Pro plan for $9 per month billed annually or an Unlimited/Reseller plan for $39 per month.

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Make Your Own App

Swiftic, a rebrand of Como’s DIY app maker, offers much of the same as its popular predecessor, providing users with an easy-to-use 3-step app maker, which has helped to create well over 1 million apps. Their unique auto-discovery technology grabs your existing online content and builds your app in seconds. You can even build an app using your Facebook page without any prior knowledge of coding or app design! Swiftic will even help you market your app, and are now offering a bold 6-month success guarantee. Meaning that if you don't achieve any 'real business results' within six months, they'll give you six more months for free! Start your Free Trial today!

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