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AppYourself App Maker Review

If you have been wondering how to make an app for your small or medium-sized business in order to generate accessibility to your products or services, look no further than AppYourself. AppYourself is a German based company that has been around since 2011 and lets their users make apps which are focused heavily on e-commerce for Android, iOS and HTML5. Through AppYourself, users can also make a responsive website that syncs up the content of your app to a comprehensive site, furthering your reach to your customers. When you make your own app through AppYourself, you can enjoy features which include an in-app store, loyalty cards, table reservation services through Resmio and Open Table and coupons as well as photo galleries, news feeds and much more, all of which will entice your customers to engage with your business more often.

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Here is a look at some of the key features of the app maker

- Initial Setup. The interface of AppYourself is quite simple to use. It comes with some design element choices but the templates on offer do seem very basic. AppYourself enables you to choose modules like shop, gallery, video, etc, that include sample data to give you an idea of what your app is going to look like. Once you've played around with it, simply upload your content to incorporate your unique information. There is also a background generator that can help you choose a visually appealing background that best suits your mobile application.

AppYourself App Maker Setup Image

- Customisation. There are a few ways to customise the look of your new app, but with a lack of creative templates, it can be tricky to make an app truly stand out from others on the market. However, you can upload your own background and content and match colours to your corporate identity. Images and text content are edited just like in a word processor. If you are familiar with basic HTML coding, you can also add in your own source code under the 'Content' module.

- Monetisation. There are a number of way you can monetise your app with AppYourself. In order for you to get the best return for your investment and quickly generate a profit from your app, AppYourself offer features which include a shop module that works as an in-app store and allows customers to purchase products from within the app itself via direct credit or PayPal, loyalty cards for customers to have the opportunity to collect stamps and receive rewards for their loyalty, table reservation services through Resmio and Open Table, appointment services, coupons and more.

- Publishing. Publishing your app to either the iOS app store or the Google Play Store is a straightforward process, but in order to publish your app, you will need to be on the Basic AppYourself plan at the very least, which costs €15. For an extra €50 you can take advantage of AppYourself's Submission Service. Their Submission Team takes over the submission and publishing of your app for you. They take care of the whole process, until your app is available for download in the app store. They will create all the necessary certificates and keys, follow the review process of your app, so that they can fix possible errors by the submission as quickly as possible and write your app description and list the best keywords for app store optimisation.

- Management. Managing and updating your app is simple. The menu layout that is found within the editor has an interface that is user-friendly and makes it easy to add and remove modules or change the layout of different aspects of the app as you see fit. AppYourself’s offer both custom analytics, as well as Google Analytics, available on all plans. So you can monitor user interactions with your app and measure the overall behaviour and impact in real time.

- Customer Service. AppYourself features a module that allows you to get support for your work as needed. The options for support include a knowledge base, online chat and email service. The email service is simple to get your answers from, and they are quick to follow up with any secondary questions you may have so that you can get back to your design process. The online knowledge base seems to only answer very basic questions and lacks any sort of tutorial. If you have deeper questions and need intricate answers fast, your best option might be their online chat feature.

- Cost. With AppYourself, there are three standard tiers of pricing. The web only tier costs €5, while their Basic app service costs €15. From there, a premium account will cost you €30. These prices are per month billed annually. If you choose to pay per month you will receive a 20% increase, you can also be billed bi-annually with a 20% discount. You are able to use AppYourself at no charge for as long as you need, but in able to actually publish your application to an app store, you will need, at the minimum, a Basic plan. There is also a Reseller plan and an additional Design Service. For €200 per app, AppYourself’s Design Service will create your app for you based on your guidelines and materials and content you provide.

A Summary of the Pros of AppYourself

Some of the benefits of AppYourself's app maker include:

- Affordable Prices. Starting at just €5 and capping out at only €30 for a Premium Plan, AppYourself is an inexpensive way to make an application and a website for a small business.

- Ease of Use. AppYourself is simple to use and allows even the novice app maker to make an app that suits their needs with the included modules, but it can also include your own unique HTML source code under the 'Content' module in order to make the app stand out. However, there is no dedicated HTML module available.

A Summary of the Cons of AppYourself

Some of the drawbacks of AppYourself's app maker include:

- Design. Their editor and designer is in need of an update. While it can do a lot of things that you need in creating a comprehensive app and website, the visual appearance isn't very appealing or as stylish as some others.

- Lack of templates. Due to the lack of templates, your final product could look a little cheap and dated. However, you can still achieve the look and feel of a fully functional, professional application by taking advantage of their different layout options for the numerous modules on offer, and by adding your own backgrounds, images, etc, to match your corporate identity.

A Brief Look at AppYourself's User Interface

Overall Summary

For people who are interested in creating an app for their small to medium-sized business but possess no previous coding or app design experience, AppYourself is an excellent tool. Although, unlike some other app makers on the market, with AppYourself you may find it a little more difficult to achieve the look and feel of a professional application. Its user interface offers easy-to-use functionality and a clear process of creation, and prices for using AppYourself begin at only €5. Publishing your new app to the Android and iOS app stores is as easy as building it, and while you may need to consider boosting your package from Basic to Premium as your small business gains more attention, it is an affordable way to deliver your customers everything that they need to engage with your company more frequently to help drive revenue.

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