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Appy Pie App Maker Review

More and more companies are trying to decide how to make an app for their businesses and for good reason. Apps are increasingly becoming a preferred way for consumers to shop and interact with companies that they wish to do business with.

Appy Pie is an app design program that was released on Jan 14th, 2013. Immediately after its release, Appy Pie’s Marketplace scored over 850 mobile apps within a month. While it's one of the relatively newer app makers on the market, Appy Pie's excellent reputation continues to grow. Appealing to small and medium businesses, Appy Pie is particularly useful to reach out to prospective customers as well as engage with the existing ones.

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Here is a look at some of the key features of the app maker

- Initial Setup. Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based app maker on the market, and with nothing to download or install you can get started straight away. Everything can be built in three easy steps using a very simple drag and drop interface, so you don't need to know anything about coding to use the program. First you begin by choosing a name for your app. Appy Pie then lets you categorise your app from various categories, which include law firms, restaurants, charities, as well as a broad “other” category.

Appy Pie App Maker Setup Image

- Customisation. Once the basic app is in place, it's possible to customise your app in a number of ways. To start with you can change the background, fonts, colours, icon, splash screen and navigation layout, to achieve the look you need to match your brand. You can also add pages which come in a variety of pre-made layouts, including information pages, social media pages and mobile commerce pages. If you do have some coding experience, you can use CSS, Java or HTML 5 to edit your app.

- Monetisation. For those who are looking to make money from your app, there are a number of tools that can help you in monetising your app using Appy Pie. You can easily enable ads from platforms such as iAds, AdMob and Air push, as well as adding m-commerce pages with shopping cart functionality, in-app purchases and more.

- Publishing. Appy Pie allows you to publish your app for free to the Appy Pie marketplace. With any of Appy Pie's paid subscriptions, the program will automatically submit your app to the relevant mobile marketplaces. For example, if you purchase the Platinum plan, Appy Pie will automatically submit you app to Google Play, the App Store, Blackberry and the Windows Store. However, you will have to create your own developer accounts and provide Appy Pie with the information.

- Management. Editing an app that has already been published is as easy as creating one. Appy Pie’s provides analytics which allow you to monitor user interactions with your app and measure the overall user behaviour and impact in real time. You can also connect with your users even when the app is closed, increasing user engagement on your app via Appy Pie's push notifications feature.

- Customer Service. The customer service team at Appy Pie is known for being very responsive. You can contact them not just through email and by phone but also via Live Chat. There is also a large FAQ library full of videos and articles to help answer any questions you may have.

- Cost. What it will cost you to make your own app with Appy Pie will vary based on what level of service you choose. There is a free version that allows you to develop apps specifically for the Appy Pie marketplace only. For $7 per month billed annually, you can upgrade to the Basic plan and create apps for Android and the Appy Pie marketplace. The $19 per month billed annually Gold plan opens up access to creating iOS apps, and the Platinum $33 per month billed annually Platinum account allows you to create apps for Kindle, BlackBerry and Windows devices as well. The price is per app, so you pay for each app that you make separately. Appy Pie have also recently introduced a lifetime fee for each plan. Basic $499 per app, Gold $999 per app and Platinum $1499 per app. Appy Pie offer a 10-day money back guarantee on all their Paid plans.

Summary of the Pros of Choosing Appy Pie as an App Maker

Some of the benefits of Appy Pie app maker software include:

- Cost for a Single App. Appy Pie is one of the least expensive app development software programs out there. The most expensive plan is cheaper than the basic plans offered by some other app development software companies if you want to produce just a single app. There is even a free option for those who want to develop apps for the Appy Pie marketplace only.

- More Platforms. Appy Pie is one of few App maker software programs that allows you to develop apps for more than just Android and iOS. In addition to the Appy Pie Marketplace, you can create and publish apps for Kindle, BlackBerry and Windows devices.

- Integration Options. Sites like OpenTable, Grub Hub, Facebook and Twitter can all be integrated into your design when you make your own app using Appy Pie. This allows for increased functionality without requiring you to add widgets or custom codes.

- Create Games. Appy Pie also offer a cloud-based mobile game builder. With various game templates available including Flappy Bird, fly and shoot, casino and basketball, you can create your own games with no programming experience and submit them to iTunes and Google Play.

- Ease of Use. The drag and drop interface that Appy Pie offers is very straightforward and easy to use. Despite this, you can still use the app maker to create apps that are unique, unlike the cookie cutter apps that other simplistic app development software products produce.

Summary of the Cons of Choosing Appy Pie as an App Maker

Some of the drawbacks of Appy Pie app design software include:

- Limited Access to Platforms. While Appy Pie supports more platforms than other app maker programs, you must pay more to access them all. Still, the cost of even the Platinum program is much less than what you'll pay for other app maker programs.

- No Unlimited Access Plans. All of the plans offered by Appy Pie are for just one app. As a result, the service is really most cost effective for companies that only need one app for their businesses. It's not as good of a fit for someone who wants to make a living developing and selling apps.

A Brief Look at How to Get Started With Appy Pie

Overall Summary

You'd really be hard pressed to find an app maker software program that is easier to use than Appy Pie and available for such a low price. The program truly stands out as one of the best of its kind and is packed with features that allow beginners to create truly professional looking apps. Not just for amateurs, Appy Pie also appeals to professionals because of its monetisation options and its reseller program. The 3-step process of app creation makes Appy Pie incredibly straightforward and eliminates the learning curve that comes with many other app design software programs.

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