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Apps That Pay You Money, Gift Cards and Other Rewards

Are you making the most of the time you spend using your smartphone? If not, then maybe you're just not downloading the right apps! Apps that pay you, simply for doing the things you probably already do every day. Apps that can turn your smartphone or tablet into a money-making device!

There are various iOS and Android money making apps, that help users earn money by doing simple everyday tasks such as Internet browsing, playing games, viewing apps, taking surveys and more. None of them will make you rich, but they could put extra cash in your pocket each and every month. Not too bad for just for playing around on your smartphone!

The trick to these apps is not just what you can earn and how fast you can earn it, it's also about what your referrals earn. So you need to look for gift card apps with the best referral program. Then give your unique referral code to all your friends and promote it via social media etc, and watch the points pile in!

If free cash is what you've got in mind, you may also want to take a look here:

Apps That Pay You Free Bitcoin, Cash and Gift Cards


AppKarma Money Making App Icon

appKarma enables you to earn money and gift cards for simply playing with apps on your Android or iOS device. It's featured on the top of the list because it's simply one of the best reward apps on the market. AppKarma offer various options to earn Karma Points, which include Karma Plays, this allows you to earn extra points for using the apps every 24 hours after installation. Karma Quizzes, earn points by participating in quizzes. Achievement Badges, earn extra Karma Points when you reach certain achievements. AppKarma also offer a great referral program, invite a friend, and they'll receive 300 points, and you'll receive 30% of what they earn, if you need a referral code use: AppArray (this is a VIP referral code which means you'll receive the maximum of 400 Karma Points). Karma Points can be redeemed for Google Play, iTunes and Amazon gift cards, as well as PayPal Cash and more! Read More


Feature Points Money Making App Icon

FeaturePoints is an app that's available on both Android and iOS devices, which offers you a way to make money online for trying out apps. Downloading and using any of their free apps for a couple of minutes will earn you points. After you've earned enough points, you can easily cash them out by using different options. Ranging from PayPal cash, to Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Xbox, Starbucks and many more! Simply browse through the catalogue of things to redeem, and follow their basic instructions to cash out your rewards. Feature Points also has a referral program. By using the invite code you're given, you can earn extra points. Whenever someone uses your code they'll get 50 free bonus points, and you’ll receive 50% of the points they earn for every app they download. Use referral code: HZENT7 and start earning right away! Read More


AppGreedy Money Making App Icon

Want to earn free cash or free gift cards just for completing simple tasks online? Downloading the appGreedy app for Android or iOS is one of the best and most popular ways to do just that. When you log in, you'll find a wide range of tasks that you can complete for points. Tasks include installing apps and completing surveys. There are a few distinct advantages of appGreedy compared to many other reward apps. Like most reward apps, appGreedy also awards points when you invite friends, but appGreedy's referral points are higher than average. You can receive up to 50% percent of friends' earnings, and while most reward apps offer gift cards and PayPal, appGreedy is one of the few reward apps that also enables you to earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash as well as Skrill and Western Union cash payments. Another advantage that appGreedy has over other apps is a low cash out value. You can cash out when you hit a threshold of just $3.


CashPirate Money Making App Icon

This free Android app enables you to earn credits in the form of coins by watching short videos, downloading free apps, completing surveys and more. How you earn your reward for any given offer is clearly stated. Some offers require you to simply install and run an app for around 30 seconds, while others require registration, reach a specific level or even keep an application on your device for three days for extra coins. Once you've accumulated enough coins they can be redeemed for Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Facebook gift cards, mobile recharge, PayPal cash and much more. Another great way to earn coins with CashPirate is through their referral program. By promoting your unique invite code via social media etc, you can earn 10% of all coins your referrals earn as well as 5% of all coins their referrals earn. Feel free to use referral code XLNSDP for an additional 500 coins. Read More


CashNGifts Money Making App Icon

We're often asked if we know of the best gift card app for India. So, with some in-depth research we came up with CashNGifts. CashNGifts is an India-based reward app that is also available to international users. Like other reward apps you earn points for completing simple tasks such as downloading free apps and games and taking short surveys. In addition, CashNGifts also offer a 'Play and Earn' option, competitions, cashback points when you shop at your favourite online retailers and a refer-a-friend program. Points earned can be redeemed for, Google Play India, Steam India, Paytm cash, Bitcoin and many more. International rewards include Bitcoin, and PayPal cash. Points can be redeemed for as little a just 70.00 INR or 2 USD. CashNGifts is currently only available for Android devices. However, iOS users can sign up via their website.


Swagbucks Money Making App Icon

If you're looking for apps that pay you cash and gift cards for a multitude of tasks, look no further than Swagbucks. Founded in 2008, to date Swagbucks has paid out over $200 million to more than 20 million members, making it the most well established, popular reward program of its kind. Generally each Swagbuck is worth $0.01 and can be earned in numerous ways which include playing games, taking surveys, downloading apps, answering polls, small tasks, searching the Internet, watching TV and the list goes on and on. You can also share your invite code and earn 10% of your referrals earnings. Swagbucks even offer cashback rewards, in fact, their cashback program is so good it earned a place on our Best Rebate Apps page. After you have accumulated enough Swagbucks you can redeem them in the form of gift cards for PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Steam and many more.

Gift Panda

Gift Panda Money Making App Icon

Available for both Android and iOS, Gift Panda is another app that pays you that you can trust as it was created by ayeT-Studios, the same developers that brought CashPirate into the world of reward apps back in 2014. Similar to CashPirate, Gift Panda enables you to earn points for simple tasks like downloading and trying out free apps and taking short surveys. There is even an option to 'Play4Cash', which means you get points for every minute you play a game. The more you play, the more points you earn! Like Swagbucks, Gift Panda have also introduced cashback shopping into their daily reward routine. Cash back can be received from more than 1000 major online stores such as, Ebay and many more. Points earned can be redeemed for a multitude of rewards like Amazon gift card, PayPal cash and prepaid Visa or Mastercard to name but a few.


MintCoins Money Making App Icon

Mintcoins is a simple way for Android users to make money from their smartphone. The app works in a similar way to other money making apps. You get paid for completing simple offers such as downloading free apps, playing free games, watching ads and completing surveys, you can also earn a higher payout rate for registering to paid websites, and downloading paid apps. Like most reward apps you'll earn extra cash by inviting friends to try out MintCoins. You'll receive $0.25 for every friend you invite, and they'll receive $0.10, (If you need a referral code use: iLP71KVZR). On the downside, points earned can only be cashed out via PayPal. However, MintCoins are working on introducing gift cards, Facebook credits and virtual credit cards in the near future. One of the great things about this app, is unlike similar apps you don't have to hit the $5 mark to get paid as their cash out limit is only $1! Read More

Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet Money Making App Icon

Gift Wallet is an app for Android devices. Like the majority of apps that pay you, Gift Wallet's criteria is simple, you need to earn credits which can then be exchanged for real money or gift cards. Credits are earned by installing and launching apps, watching videos and playing games, making Gift Wallet yet another easy and fun way to make some extra cash! Once you've earned enough credit, your credit can then be converted into PayPal money, Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards and more. Another way to earn extra credit with Gift Wallet is to take advantage of their excellent referral program. You can increase your cash income by promoting your unique invite code. When someone uses your invite code you'll get 30% of their tasks' reward and they get 5 points or more. If you need an invite code use 2B02C02.


AppNana Money Making App Icon

One of the more popular money making apps is AppNana. AppNana is a free app for both Android and iOS device users. The app enables you to earn nanas (points) by downloading applications on your mobile device. Using the applications you download will earn you nanas. Nanas can be exchanged for a whole host of goodies, which include Amazon, iTunes and Google Play gift cards and game cards for PlayStation and Xbox like GTA Shark, FIFA and NBA as well as PayPal money and more! You can also earn extra nanas through their referral program. When you sign up you'll be given a unique invite code. Each time your code is used by a friend to sign up to AppNana you will both receive 2,500 nanas. If you would like to use our invite code, enter f19009257 on sign up, and start earning with an extra 2,500 nanas.

App Trailers

AppTrailers Money Making App Icon

Simply by watching movies and music videos on your Android or iOS device, you can be awarded points that can be redeemed for money and gift cards. After launching App Trailers, setting up an account will enable you to to watch trailers for upcoming or popular apps, movie trailers and music videos. Each earning you reward points that you can redeem for cash through PayPal or gift cards for Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more, once you've earned enough points. Other ways of earning points with App Trailers consist of reading entertainment based news for points, and you can also upload a video of your own and each time it gets a "like" you earn points. There is also a free daily scratch card that can pay you up to 15 points if you win.


DineroTree Money Making App Icon

DineroTree is an easy way for Android users to earn money from their smartphone. The app enables you to earn points by downloading free applications on your mobile device. You will, however, need to pay attention to the offer on any given app. Like many reward apps the offers can vary, some apps will request that you simply install and run, whereas other apps will request specific tasks, like playing to a level in order to earn your points. This often leads to users assuming that the app isn't functioning properly, because they did not receive their points. The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards in the form of Xbox, Amazon, Starbucks and of course, PayPal cash! And a whole lot more. You can also promote your unique DineroTree invite code, and earn extra points each time your code is used.

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