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Discover the Best Android and iOS Applications

Stay ahead of your friends and discover the best and most popular Android and iOS applications as well as useful app news and reviews. Learn where to find the very best free paid apps, even how to create your own professional application without any prior knowledge of coding or app design and much more. For additional information visit our About Page.

Best App Maker

Want to make your own app? Building your own mobile application no longer consists of a large investment of both time and money. There are numerous platforms available to help you make your own app. Using an app maker is a relatively cheap and easy process to help you... Read More

Best Mobile Website Builder

Does your business depend on online traffic? Did you know that more than half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices? The latest statistics show that as of 2015, worldwide mobile Internet usage was 52.7 percent. By 2017, figures suggest that more than... Read More

Best Game Maker

In today's gaming industry, it’s easier than ever to get into game development. You no longer need a small fortune and a background in professional programming to get your ideas up and running. So if you've ever been interested in making your own game but don't know how to... Read More

Paid Apps for Free

Find today’s best free apps! If an app costs money, there's a strong chance it's good and you wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to download it for free. Therefore, we've compiled a list of the best apps and websites on how to get paid apps for free... Read More

Gift Card Reward Apps

Did you know, that people spend an average of 3 hours a day on their mobile devices? Spending hours on your mobile device can have its rewards, you just have to download the right apps. Apps that actually give you something in return, simply by doing the things you do every day... Read More

Android App Stores

If you're a developer you know the importance of getting your application noticed and your goal is maximum downloads. The best way to achieve this is by publishing your app on Google Play. The Google Play Store has over a million apps and billions of downloads to date... Read More

Best Streaming Devices

Due to a rise in consumer demand for streaming TV, the market for dedicated streaming devices has increased significantly and we now seem to have more choices than ever when it comes to home entertainment. With these ever growing choices it's becoming difficult to find the device that... Read More

What is Chromecast?

More and more people are ditching cable and satellite television in favour of streaming services that allow them to enjoy their favourite television shows and watch movies on demand. Chromecast is the latest innovation in the world of streaming devices and is becoming serious... Read More

Best Chromecast Apps

As Chromecast increases in popularity, more and more apps have been updated with Chromecast support, and some have even been developed with the Chromecast device specifically in mind. Even though Chromecast is available worldwide, some of the apps listed below like Netflix and Hulu Plus are... Read More

Music Streaming Apps

With numerous music streaming services available via the Web and dedicated mobile applications. Endless features... Read More

Chromecast Apps

As Chromecast increases in popularity more and more apps have been updated with Chromecast support and some have... Read More

Make Your Own App

Swiftic, a rebrand of Como’s DIY app maker, offers much of the same as its popular predecessor, providing users with an easy-to-use 3-step app maker, which has helped to create well over 1 million apps. Their unique auto-discovery technology grabs your existing online content and builds your app in seconds. You can even build an app using your Facebook page without any prior knowledge of coding or app design! Swiftic will even help you market your app, and are now offering a bold 6-month success guarantee. Meaning that if you don't achieve any 'real business results' within six months, they'll give you six more months for free! Start your Free Trial today!

Promote Your App

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If you're a developer, you know that download growth is one of the key factors in getting your app ranked at the top! Don't wait for your app to get noticed, watch it climb to the top of the Play Store with AppBrain's pay-per-install based App Promotion. You can also add the AppBrain AppLift SDK to your app, present in over 30,000 apps and downloaded onto millions of phones every day.